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L&K News: Best Moments of 2008

has been a great year here @ Lane & Kent News for the most part. Lots of unexpected, exciting, fun, and memorable news and articles from all of our favorite Lois & Clark actors and Superman/Lois related news articles has been posted here in over a year of this blog's existence online. I thought I'd post here and share with you all (my fellow Clois fans around the world, frequent visitors, and readers) my Top 10 picks (or favorite/highlights of news articles/ moments posted here...there were too many and hard to pick, but these top 10 posted here were the ones I came up with...) of ...

L&K News: 10 Best Moments of 2008

Kate Bosworth & 21's Spring Box Office & DVD Sales Success

Posting Kate Bosworth & 21 related news articles prior to the movie's release was fun and even more fun when the movie debuts @ #1 for 2 weeks in a row! It made me happy for Kate and her 21 co-stars and crew for the success of this film's box-office run and dvd sales.

See Kate Bosworth & 21 related news articles below:

Furthermore, according to, 21 grossed over $81 million domestically (U.S.), $76.7 million internationally (Foreign) and over $155.7 million total gross worldwide.

Total Lifetime Grosses
Domestic: $81,159,365 51.4%
+ Foreign: $76,767,975 48.6%

= Worldwide: $157,927,340

09. Desperate Housewives' Season 5 Success and 100th Episode Milestone

Dana Delany and Teri Hatcher lead the way for the rest of lovely and gorgeous women of Wisteria Lane's Season 5's first half (of the season) success of episodes (storyline moving forward 5 years for all characters of the show) and ratings' wise.

Also... check out below some of my DH highlights/posted articles here:

08. Smallville's Season 8 Success and More than 13 Episodes for Erica Durance

Smallville's Season 8, the first half (of S8) has been a success thus far...
both episodes (most esp. episodes involving Lois & Clark) and ratings-wise were for the most part great (and a big improvement) from the past season (7).

Some of my SV highlights/posted news articles here:

Smallville Anniversary: 7 years ago today Smallville made its TV Debut on The WB Networkmallville: Season 8 Promo and Episode ScheduleSmallville
News: Season 8 Write-Up, 'Odyssey' Official Description and Episode Stills


Clois wins as Smallville's 'Best Couple'
TV Guide has more scope for Smallville's Lois & Clark for Season 8
Smallville at Comic-Con: News on Lois and Clark's relationship in Season 8!

Not too mention, the awesome news that there will be more than 13 Episodes for Erica Durance after Clois/Lois fans started a Sign Online Petition for More Erica Durance in Smallville's Season 8!


Smallville Season 8 Erica Durance Related video clips and articles:

Also, check out several previous ED interviews you may (or may not have missed)...

L&K News sidebar contents

Creating and adding a sidebar contents here for this blog has been challenging, fun, and a learning experience. My constant practice and patience in html coding/finding codes for the nice contents added and posted in the right sidebar here has helped a lot too.

L&K News Friends and Contributors

Credit and special thanks to my good friends and L&K News contributors ...

  • Rachel - the previous header banner
you made in the past year (see her old header banner to the image cap of this blog to your right) ... ----------------->
I loved and appreciated all your fd2c forum layout contributions as well. Thanks a million.

P.S. Luke, Kiki, and Rachel:
I honestly would've picked ya'll as #1 here (you guys are the best though *a big group hug to all 3 of you from yours truly*), but my obvious #1 pick ... scroll down to #1 to see/read... your toughest competition to beat! :p *winks* ... explains why, hehe!!! =D

Lane & Kent Photo Gallery

Creating an additional photo gallery here (last January 3rd) was fun, easy, and quick to upload photos...I really enjoyed uploading old and new photos for all our favorite Clois actors. Check out the photo gallery below!

[click image below to view L&K Photo Gallery!]

04. Lane & Kent News Blog Turns One

Creating this blog and posting Clois actors news and Superman related news articles here for all Clois/Superman fans, daily visitors, and frequent readers was a lot of fun to do. I really enjoyed it and the feedback from some of the commenters/readers/visitors here made it even more fun maintaining and updating this blog. I appreciate each and everyone of you. This blog wouldn't have lasted this far without all of you. Thank you all. I created this blog for all of us Clois fans around the world. Hope ya'll enjoyed browsing and reading all the news articles posted here.

03. MegaCon 2008

My first time experience attending this year's MegaCon 2008 was one of the most memorable and unforgettable experience I've had this year. Special thanks and big hugs to my friends Sarah & Ken for going with me and making my first time experience at a Sci-fi convention a lot of fun and just an incredible experience I'll never forget. I can't thank you both enough. Hopefully, we can all go there again and attend the 2009 MegaCon Convention, where another Lois Lane actress is scheduled to make an appearance: Margot Kidder to appear at MegaCon 2009 and some Smallville cast members. We shall see...

[Click image below to read more of my MegaCon 2008 experience!]

MegaCon 2008: My M&G With Noel Neill Plus NN's Q&A

Meeting one of (the very first) and loveliest Lois Lane actresses, Noel Neill was really nice and unforgettable. I still can't believe I've met her. She was so nice and sweet. Not too mention, I got a nice and free photo-opt moment with her. Check out my photo with Noel Neill below and [click on our photo] to read my M&G experience with her...

Noel Neill & Jeane

01. MegaCon 2008: My M&G Experience With The Lovely Erica Durance

Meeting one of my favorite Lois Lane actresses (2 down ...3 or 4 more to meet such as Margot Kidder, Kate Bosworth, Teri Hatcher, and Dana Delany hehe!), the lovely, beautiful, nice, and sweet, multi-talented Erica Durance (who I've been waiting to meet for a few years since I've heared she was coming here in the sunshine state of Florida...prior to finally meeting her in person earlier this year...was worth the wait) topped my top 10 list here of my favorite and best moments of 2008! Like meeting the lovely Noel Neill, I still can't believe I've met Erica...and only several months ago this year. I have our HQ picture (from our unforgettable photo-opt moment) in a nice frame on display on my desk in my room. Every time I wake up in the morning, go to bed at night, or even just sit on my desk or stay in my room, I loved and enjoyed looking at our picture together and can't helped but reminisced that memorable and fun moment (last March 8, 2008) meeting and greeting her in person. Erica was nice and sweet in person. I will never forget meeting her and hope to meet her again someday in the near future!

Check out my M&G experience with ED below. Click on our photo to read my 3-part posts below...

Erica Durance & Jeane

Or read my M&G with
Erica Durance below:

Part 1
Part 2
part 3

Well, there you go...this concludes my Top 10 Best Moments of 2008! Thanks for reading and visiting this blog. Hope you enjoyed reading and browsing! Have a wonderful New Years Eve (for those of us here living in the U.S. and still waiting for the clock to turn to midnight...) and Happy New Year to the rest of the world who already started celebrating (or still waiting to celebrate). May this New Year of 2009 brings everyone a peaceful, happy, healthy, and blessed year! May it also brings our favorite Clois actors individual successes in their TV and upcoming Film well as more unexpected, surprises, fun, and exciting news and photos from them to post and upload here in the year ahead.

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