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MegaCon 2008: My M&G Experience With The Lovely Erica Durance (Part 2)

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Lois Lane, Lois Lane.
Q&A with Erica Durance (and Noel Neill)

When I got there, there were lots of people/fans who were already waiting (again) and waiting (seems to be a popular word of the day, lol) as there was still a Q&A taking place from another media guest, I don't remember or know who. After 4 PM or so had passed on and still we are waiting...and waiting...(it seemed that day was full of lines and wait everywhere I go, I was getting tired and feeling hot...and it was pretty cold inside the convention as well as outside). Then, Noel Neill and her escort passed us by as she went to enter the door to the not yet opened room for the Q&A thing. A guy standing next to me said to her and her escort that they're running late and behind schedule or something. Noel and her escort came close to us to chat for a bit and went inside. I didn't know if Erica was already inside the room or not. We waited for a bit longer, while we did. I've met a few more ED fans. Again, not one of them that I've talked to goes online. It was weired, but still nice that she has fans who even if they were busy and doesn't go online (like I do, lol), they still watched her on Smallville and came to see her from out of town. There was also a girl named Lisa (I think) that I've met and she was so nice. I have chatted with her earlier after the Photo-Op with ED and we were both waiting for our photos. She doesn't go online either, but she loves Erica, TW, and Smallville. She showed me a drawing someone gave her about Tom & Erica as Clark & Lois. It was really nice. I even asked what question she was going to ask, if she gets a chance to ask her. I'll tell you about her question(s), when I get to the Q&A part. So, back to waiting...finally at around 4:30 PM. They opened the door for us to get inside. I wanted to sit in the front row, but was disappointed to find out there were already people from the previous Q&A who already occupied the first 3 or 4 rows. I had to settle for somewhere in the middle section to find an available seat, a lil' far from the table where Erica and Noel will be sitting and answering questions. I was thinking, whatever as long as I get a seat and still be able to see Erica and Noel. I found out Erica wasn't there we had to wait for her for about 5 min. or so. Then, she finally arrived with David, I don't remember what time, but when she came in from the back door to walked to her table (while David went to seat on the side where the audience were), everyone cheered and applauded her. So, the Q&A started. First Erica went to hug Noel Neill and they sat on their table. Then, they got ready to take and answer questions. I tried to get at least a few video clips from my digital camera (which I'm still not good at using, lol).

Watch 2 random video clip of Erica & Noel below.
(Note: Unfortunately, I didn't have a good seat, so as you can see in the 2 video clips I have here that they were not clear, but you can still see them. Also, sorry there's no audio sound...I tried, but I didn't know how to get it to work :( ...oh, well, just watch the video clips anyway, if you're interested).

First Q&A: A Hug from Erica & Noel:

Here's my long detailed summary of Erica Durance's Q&A (Note: they are not all in order and some of the questions and answers are not their exact words/quotes, but I've tried to remember them as best as I could and give you all all the details that I remember or as I remember them). Erica was so funny and fun to watch and listen to while she listens and answered some really good and interesting questions from the fans/audience.

* The very first question was actually were from 2 girls who wanted to ask for a hug from Erica and she walked towards them and gave them both a big hug. Everyone said, "aww!" and clapped. Then, those same girls also got a hug from Noel. (Lucky girls! See random clip #1 above ^)

* Erica was asked about what her workout routine and how many times of the week she does it as she looked so fit. ED fans take note! She said she works out 6 days a week for her sanity and mainly for her health reasons. She does cardio, weightlifting, and yoga for at least 1 and 1/2 hour to 2 hours.
* She was asked, besides Kara/Supergirl and Black Canary, what other female superheroes would she like to see in Smallville? She said, Wonder Woman. "So, she can spin around me and I can kick her ass." LOL! Everyone laughed.
*Someone asked her about her height and she said, she's about 5'8" - 5'9" tall (in between those two).

*What Superman Movie or series would she like to do that she isn't on it? She said she would like to be in Superman Movies that Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder had starred on as she grew up watching those movies and she loved CR & MK as Superman & Lois Lane.
*After Smallville, she was asked what she wants to do if she can do any type of project and a different role. She said, she would love to do a musical or rather be in a musical theatre type of production and be a lead female star/character not some supporting one. Though she added not that Lois Lane wasn't an important role, but for a different type of role, she would love to be in the lead, you know the one that carries the movie or show.

Someone asked her about what upcoming film projects she's working right now. She said that she's still holding on and waiting for "Ecstasy" to happen and there are a couple new films she's going to be on, but she won't say what they are yet, in fear of jinxing it. She mentioned hearing a rumor in the internet about a movie she was supposedly on (perhaps she was talking about "Sleeping With The Lion"? which I previously posted here), but she won't say what or maybe I didn't hear it what she said after it, lol...but she said that we'll just have to wait and see 'cause she does not want to tell us yet until she knows for sure. She also mention something that there was someone saying that she's in this movie or something I didn't hear clearly, but I heard her say, "trust me, it wasn't me," and everyone laughed.

*Lisa, (the girl that I've met earlier at the photo-op with ED) got to asked 2 questions for Erica and one of them that I remember her asking was if Tom Welling was a good kisser. Erica kinda laugh and I don't remember if she said TW is or isn't but I heard her say, "let's just say that when I get home, my husband is the best kisser." Everyone were like, "aww!" and she laughed.

*She was asked what it was like meeting Noel Neill for the first time. She said she met NN for the first on her first time at a convention in Boston (back in 2004). She remembered signing autographs at the time and NN walked towards her and gave her a hug. And she said that NN is the nicest person you could ever meet (not exactly her words) and she had followed her advice and just happy to be meeting a legendary LL actress that she can follow as an example and study her as well. Ever since since they meet, she said they've been appearing to some other conventions including this one.

*She was asked the same thing about Margot Kidder. She said she also met her for the first time at the Boston Convention along with NN and that Margot kidder was awesome. According to Erica, MK was just so funny and gave her some advice. Also, when she hugged her, MK whispered to her about her LL role in SV. "You hit it at the ballpark, Kid." She just loves MK.

*She was asked how she started in SV. I won't repeat what she said here as most of us already know how she started, so I'll just add here that her husband was her acting coach when she just started acting. She joked about not being good in school, so she ended up into acting.

*She was asked if there's any similarities or differences between her, Erica Durance and her character Lois Lane. She said they are more different than similar. Erica told us that she's an introverted person, shy, and like to please people. She doesn't like to confront people or say bad things about them unlike Lois Lane who doesn't care about what people think or say about her. She does love that about Lois Lane and how she's feisty, witty, tough, and a strong fictional character. That's why she loved playing as Lois Lane.

*She was asked how her life changed after Smallville. She said, it changed perhaps in a way that she got recognized, but when she's at home there are times that no one notices her (not that she doesn't wants to be noticed all the time), which according to her because she's being Erica (being herself) and she does not wear make-up at home and be like Lois Lane, lol. So, she said that other than being in a successful show and being recognized, she's still the same person and still does normal things whens she's not filming Smallville or any movies.
*Someone asked her who she thinks is the best, Clark Kent or Superman? and which one would she pick? Erica said she would pick both, of course, who doesn't right? But that for her, she loves Clark Kent more and that's because that was the only side of his character that she had played opposite with and in Smallville he's not Superman yet. So, she really can't say what she thinks about Superman.

*Someone asked her if she's already signed for Season 8 if she knows how many episodes she'll appear on (which I was already fortunate to have asked her earlier at the Autograph signing session) and she said, "yes, I'm signed. But there's still working on it." She added that she doesn't know how many episode she will be on, as again, she won't know until season 8 comes or filming begins.

*I got an opportunity to asked her (I was going to ask more than one question, but others have already asked them or I couldn't think of another one that she hasn't been asked before, lol) and she looked at me and waited to what I was going to ask (as does everyone, I started to get nervous, lol. Still, I felt like a reporter in the press for a day standing up and asking her a question). I asked her if she's going to be in the last 5 episodes (that was added after the strike) this season. Erica answered that she doesn't know or think she's in all 5, but she said that she still has at least 5 episodes remaining and that she was still on a 13 contract episode this season (unfortunately) and said that they'll probably space them out, her episodes to even it out the 13 or so episodes she usually gets. Then, I said thank you and sat down. I was going to ask an additional question, but a lot of people were raising their hands. I didn't want to hold them or her (even though there were others who asked her 2 to 3 questions. One guy has a 3-part question and the moderator guy said, "no, you can't ask too many questions." lol. Erica was very cool and said that, "it's okay, go ahead, I'll try to answer them as quickly as I could." See how awesome she was?) So that was the only question I was able to ask, in my part, lol.

*Someone asked about the Spell DVD commentary (good one) she did with Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack and how they filmed that scene where TW/Clark Kent was tied shirtless, lol. She said that it was awkward and strange and the scene where they were dancing was so funny. They laughed a lot esp. according to Erica, that there was no music when they were dancing and they had to pretend to dance in that scene they did in the episode. She said that Tom/Clark Kent "can't dance" and that "Clark is such a nerd." LOL! Everyone laughed.

source: dts

* She was asked what her favorite moments/favorite SV episode of all time and her fondest memories of them when filming. She only mentioned about Combat (Season 6) and Siren (Season 7) as her favorite episodes to do. She said that she loved Combat because she was able to kick some ass or do physical stuff on the set. Then, she added she remembered being so excited and prepared to do more physical stuff as she loves doing her own stunts, but of course, they give it to Tom Welling. She was like, "I would've done more physical stuff as I loved that part of Lois Lane." About Siren, she loved the scene the most where she had conversation with Clark after she broke up with Oliver Queen. Lois had to show and pour her emotions to Clark, which he comforted her with a hug. How cool is that? As ED/Clois fans, we sure loved that Clois scene.

*She was asked what she likes about playing opposite Clark Kent. She said that she loved the banter and flirting, but Erica said "I love fighting with Clark Kent more." She laughed and everyone laughed.

*Someone asked her if she has ever thought at some point about the writers messing up her character's storyline and if there's something her character shouldn't have done or should focused more on. She said, good question and that it can be hard to say her opinions about the writers as she's only an actress doing her part on what she was given, but if she does think or wishes that Lois shouldn't have been involved in some romantic relationships esp. this last 2 seasons. She didn't want people to think her Lois is some kind of just into men and not what she's all about. She didn't really like too much about that romantic mushy stuff that SV writers tend to get and as there was already Clark & Lana for that, lol. So, she said, she wishes that the writers would just get her to focus on what Lois Lane is all about esp. that she's on the Daily Planet now that she'd rather she's doing more investigating/reporting stuff, going after Lex more, and that they should just get her character moving forward and closer to her destiny. Not slow her down with those romantic mushy stuff. Everyone gave her a big applaused for that. I thought, I couldn't agree with Erica more.

*Then someone asked her about Grant Gabriel (aka Julian Luthor clone) if Lois knows that he was a clone and he's dead. Erica said, "Lois doesn't know that Grant was a clone or dead. I wished the writers would've have told Lois about that and explored that story line a bit more before moving on." So, Erica, like us, wanted Lois to know about Grant's secret and his death before moving on to a different storyline. The writers really missed that continuity part on Lois' story arc.

* She was asked if Stargate and Smallville are filmed next to each other. She said, they are film in the same location, but not exactly next to each other. As someone said, they probably did cause some Stargate guest stars (including herself) were also seen in SV (and vice versa). She said, "well, the office buildings are next to each other." She mentioned about her audition in SV and that before that, someone told her that they are looking for someone to play the LL character. She loves LL character, so she audition and we all know the rest.

*Someone asked her about when she guest starred in Stargate her hair color was brunette and that she looked more like Lois Lane than she did with her hair as a blonde in Smallville. And this girl was like what was up with that, Lois Lane shouldn't be blonde or something like that. Erica was like, "what do you mean?" lol. I don't remember exactly what she said, but she said that it wasn't up to her to keep her natural hair color, but if she could she would. SV probably want to separate Lois and Lana, so they had their hair color different and what they are in SV.

*Someone asked before she was cast in Smallville if she ever watches the show. She said that she didn't really as she wasn't really into Smallville at the time, but when she heard they were doing casting calls/audition for LL, she got so excited and wanted to play LL and be in SV. Though like everyone, she said that she also thought that LL wasn't supposed to be in SV just yet, but since TPTB brought her on the show, she said, she doesn't mind...and why not? If Lex was there that early, why shouldn't she (Lois)? She said that there are still some fans who didn't like her coming to SV too early. Then, someone said, "don't worry Erica we're not blaming your Lois Lane for coming early in Smallville. We actually thought you were the best thing that came along for SV and you did an amazing job as Lois Lane." Erica said, "thanks." and everyone clapped.

*Someone asked her if she watches herself on her episodes on Smallville when they air on TV. She said no as she doesn't want to ruin her craft by watching herself.
*Someone asked her more about playing Lois Lane and she talked about it and other actresses who portrayed them. She mentioned Kate Bosworth, MK, and NN (of course) but no mentions of Teri Hatcher and her Lois Lane.

*Someone also asked her that so many other Superman actors have guest starred in Smallville like MK, Christopher Reeve, and Dean Cain, what about Noel Neill? Is there a way she can asked the TPTB and the writers about her, after all she's has appeared in Superman movies like S:TM and Superman Returns. Erica said, good question, but if she could, she would, but it's not up to her but the writers and bosses at SV (or TPTB). She can tell the SV bosses about her though, but that's all she can do.
*She was asked what super powers she would like to have if she can have one. She said, "Super-strength" and said something that made everyone laugh about it. Also, she added, 'super-speed' 'cause I'd love to get things done all at once."

*This guy who had bald hair (and looked and was dressed like Lex Luthor too even the mod guy referred to him as Lex, lol) keep asking Erica if Lex and Lionel (his favorite characters in SV) are going to be bad. Erica said, "Lex is already being bad right now in SV, if you have been watching." And the guy was like, "What about Lionel, is he bad? Then he adds, "seeing as you can never tell if he is or isn't." Erica replied, "I don't know, is he?" She laughed and everyone laughed as well.
*She was asked about Michael Rosenbaum jokes on the set. She said that he is so funny and that she was impressed at how he can focused on his Lex Luthor's serious character and still be funny on the set.

*Someone asked her about MR's farting jokes and she said they are so funny that at one time, Tom Welling started saying, "okay, Michael enough about the 500 fart jokes already." Everyone laughed and Erica laughed.

*Someone asked what other actress she wants to work with. She said, "Cate Blanchett. I love her even if I just have to mop her floor to work with her, I wouldn't mind." She laughed again and everyone laughed with her.

*If she was ask to play Lois Lane in the Justice League movie would she do it? At first she didn't understand what this person was asking her as she said that the JL movie is all about the superheroes and Lois is probably isn't in the film. The guy asked her anyway and she said that, "If they asked me to play Lois Lane? Yes, of course, but the script has to be good."

*Last, but not least, she was asked what her embarrassing moments on the set while filming SV episodes. She said, "Oh, let me think about that for a second. I'm very, very klutzy (or did she say, clumsy? lol) on the set. There were lots of embarrassing moments, but there was one in Crimson where I had to wear that lipstick and the outfit I was wearing because Lois Lane was not herself and she was trying to seduce Clark, you know *laughs* I don't know what message Smallville is trying to show that a girl has to wear that kind of clothing and lipstick to impress a guy. *she laughed* I was wearing a 'hooker boots' at the time and I was supposed to go after Clark in the elevator and I was running frantically in the elevator to try trapped him, but Clark was fast and Tom was so tall, so I had to chase him, wearing a 'hooker boots' on and just when I was tapping him from the back, I got wiped down so hard and fell flat on my face and Tom had this reaction, 'Oh, Whoa!'" She laughed and everyone did too. Then, she added, "so if you watched that scene in Crimson you will see in the camera that it was me. That was really embarrassing."

There were so many questions asked and I probably left out some more, but those are what I can remember and still remember from the Q&A. Erica was just amazing and so funny, I just spent a lot of my time listening to her and watching her (as well as taking pics of her when I can). At the end of the Q&A session. Erica and Noel posed for pics and I was able to go in the front and take several pics as I could. I was even able to asked Erica after she talked to Noel when she turned around if I can get a picture of her by herself, and OMG! she looked at me, nodded, and smiled for me as I took a picture (unfortunately, most of the pictures I took of her at the Q&A didn't come out good...I'm very disappointed as one of them Erica smiled just for me and she looked amazing, yet the picture was not in HQ and I messed it up :( ...)

Then, she started to leave her table and I walked on to where her husband David was on the left side close to the back door where a few fans were asking him for pictures. Then this girl got so lucky to ask him if she can get a picture with Erica and he said, "yeah, sure." So this girl got a pic with Erica as I was standing in front of them. I was going to asked Erica if I can get a picture of her and David, but I didn't want to bother as Erica started saying, "Honey, we have one more autograph signing to do." He said, "ok, lets go." So, I was only able to get a quick snapshot of David (see a picture of him to your left. Sorry, it's not HQ!) as Erica was talking to volunteers at the panel and was getting ready to leave. I said goodbye to them and I told her, "thanks for coming." She said, "Thanks. Great to be here." She and David exited the back door.

Erica & Me!

So, after the Q&A Panel ended, I met with my friends outside who were waiting for me and walk back to the photo booth table down the hall to get my Photo with Erica and it was finally done. The picture came out great (see a scan to your left and click it to view bigger). It was very HQ! Erica was absolutely gorgeous and picture perfect while I look pretty bad next to her (and shorter too, but I'm not that short, I was a wearing a comfortable sneaker shoes and she was wearing a high-heeled shoes or something ... so yeah, I look shorter next to her in the pic), lol. The picture was pretty big though (almost the same size as the MegaCon program), I had to resized it here. Still, I loved the pic as she had her arm around me and we both tilted our heads...all smile for the camera. I didn't even remember if I smiled or not (and of course, I look like a mess in the pic as it had been a long day) until I saw the picture, lol. So I love, love the picture and will definitely put it in a nice frame to remember my super amazing moment with Erica, which I will never, ever forget for the rest of my life.

Part 3 is coming up ... the last one, I come back and check this blog for more!


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