Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Smallville at Comic-Con: News on Lois and Clark's relationship in Season 8!

TV Guide.com reports about the Smallville panel at Comic-Con Sunday (July 27th). There is finally some good news for Smallville and Clark Kent fans for season eight!

"Season 8 is all about Clark's destiny as Superman. He joins the Daily Planet and uses his new gig as a way to find people in need. He also starts to realize that he may need a double identity to really evolve into Superman."

There's also some great news for Clois fans too, relating to Clark & Lois' relationship:

Following the show's Comic-Con panel, executive producers told TVGuide.com's own Erin Fox that Lois and Clark's relationship is going to take a new direction this season. "Lois and Clark will be working side by side at The Daily Planet, and Lois will start to see Clark in a different way," they said. "She's surprised to see him in a suit, all grown up and handsome. It's no longer going to be played like a brother-sister relationship."

Read full report at TV Guide.com

In addition, more great news for all of us Erica Durance/Lois Lane fans as Kryptonsite reports (from Comic-Con Smallville panel as well) that "Erica Durance as Lois factors heavily into the first four episodes and the opportunity to use her for more than 12 or 13 episodes is definitely there."

The titles for the first 4 5 episodes featuring Lois/Clois of Smallville in the upcoming Eight Season are the following:
#8.01 - Odyssey
#8.02 - Plastique

#8.03 - Toxic

#8.04 - Instinct
#8.05 - Committed *

*Edited with a new episode title that also features Lois Lane. Read a very interesting spoilers of this episode involving Lois & Clark here.

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