Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Clois wins as Smallville's 'Best Couple'

Our very own favorite couple from Smallville, Clois (Clark & Lois) won The 2008 Kryptonsite Awards as Best Couple.

Here's what Kryptonsite had to say about the Best Couple category, which was heavily voted online by fans and viewers of Smallville...

The result of the most passionately-voted upon contest in all of the Kryptonsite Awards, this year with 9,054 votes: Best Couple. And the winner this year is...

Clark & Lois

We know they're together someday in the comics, and now 2,847 - 0r 31% - picked Mr. Kent and Ms. Lane as their favorite couple. Episodes like "Apocalypse" teaming up the future journalistic pair only fueled the fire for those fans who want even more.

Clark & Lois

View the rest of the list of Best Couple results here.

Speaking of "Apocalypse," it won Best Episode, while Tom Welling won for Best Actor, Best Director (for directing "Apocalypse," the winner for Best Episode), and his main character Clark Kent won for Favorite Character. Read more winners at The 2008 Kryptonsite Awards results here.

Also, while Justin Hartley won for Best Guest Star (with 1 or 2 Episodes) for his Oliver Queen/Green Arrow recurring role and guest appearance in Season 7. Coming in at second place was former Superman Dean Cain with an impressive 1,135 votes or 19%.

, however, won the 2005 Kryptonsite Awards for Guest You'd Like To See in Smallville (from previous incarnation of Superman), which he finally did in Season 7's 4th episode - "Cure" as Dr. Curtis Knox, an immortal doctor with a CK initial.

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