Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MegaCon 2008: My M&G With Noel Neill Plus NN's Q&A

A Lane & Kent News Exclusive: My M&G with Lois Lane!

Actress Noel Neill, the very first and oldest Lois Lane (from Adventures of Superman series. She also appeared in cameos in Superman: The Movie and in 2006's Superman Returns) was one of the media guests (along with another Lois Lane actress, Smallville's very own Erica Durance) in attendance of the 2008 MegaCon in Orlando, Florida.

At MegaCon, My friend and I decided to approach her as they were sitting up her table and she was standing there waiting for fans to get her autograph. I didn't know (or rather didn't noticed a sign that said, "please no photo while signing" or something). I quickly asked her if I can get a photo with her and she was so nice and sweet that she smiled and said, "sure." No one seemed to said no or stopped us as we had our pictures taken. So I stood next to her and a friend of mine took the picture for us. I told her, "thank you," but I forgot to congratulate her on her 60 years anniversary as Lois Lane. I didn't know why I didn't remember to say that, but I didn't know what to say to her other than asked her to get a pic with me, lol. Sorry, Noel Neill. I do respect and appreciate her as a person/actress and her kindness, so I don't mean to sound disrespectful. I didn't asked her for an autograph though as you have to pay for one to get one. I don't know why celebs/media guests has to get paid to sign for their autograph to fans, but they probably did it for charity or other reasons. Who knows? I don't know and neither do you. LOL! Oh, well... whatever their reason, it was fine with me. I don't mind as long as I get one. Personally, I wanted to save my money for Erica Durance's autograph and photo-op (not that I didn't want to get Noel's autograph, don't get me wrong, but I just don't have a lot of money with me, unfortunately. Still, it would've been nice if I was able to get hers though :( ...Oh, well, I can't always get what I want, can't I? lol). So, I just politely asked her for her picture instead, as a picture with her was more important to me (unaware, I wasn't allowed to take pics with celebs/media guests while they were signing autographs, lol) if I didn't get her autograph. I was also, lucky to have taken another picture of just her (see it above ^ to your left) and she was so nice and sweet, she smiled just for me and her pics on the table. She was just so wonderful to meet in person and again, no one stopped me with taking a picture (so, I got 2 free pics! Yay!) of her in the Autograph Signing Session, lol.

Here are few of my pics with the lovely Noel Neill from her Autograph Signing:

Noel Neill & Me (Jeane)

(Note: Sorry, the pics are not HQ, but at least you can still see them, lol)

Lois Lane, Lois Lane Q&A with Noel Neill
(and Erica Durance):

Here's a lil' Summary of NN's Q&A Panel (with Erica Durance. I'll post ED's Q&A in a separate entry this week, stay tune for that!)... not her exact words/quotes, but I tried to remember as it was hard to keep up 'cause I had to remember a lot for Erica's Q&A (as well as Noel here), so I can share with you all my experience with her as well. Noel was very funny.

Random Q&A moments

- Noel was asked about what she thinks of Hollywoodland (starring Ben Affleck). She said that she wasn't a "movie critic," but that Ben Affleck tried, but he's no George Reeves. The Moderator guy was like, so you didn't like it? Did you think Matt Damon could've done a better job than Ben Affleck? LOL! Noel answered, "I prefer George Clooney." She laughed and so did everyone.

- She said something about not liking Lois Lane in the movies with an "illegitimate child" (I'm guessing she meant Lois and son Jason in Superman Returns)...but sometimes we could barely hear Noel when she talks (even with the microphone on)...that was all I could hear and remember, lol.

- Someone asked her about her cameo role in Superman Returns, where she mentioned to have had a great time meeting/hanging out with Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth on the set. She mentioned about the SR sequel movie (I think, don't remember exactly), but said that if they do make it or something.

- She talked about an encounter with a lil' boy asking her what color is Superman's kryptonite. She said green? she laughed and everyone laughed as well.

- She was asked if she watches Smallville, she said, "No." Though someone asked Erica to recommend Noel to appear in SV as a future guest star. Stay tune for Erica's answer in the next blog.

- Someone asked her which Superman movie or tv series would she like to be that she wasn't on (Erica was asked the same question too). Noel, didn't give an answer (I guess, I can understand as she already appeared in 3 Superman TV/Movies such as Adventures of Superman, Superman: The Movie, and Superman Returns, she was already satisfied in those tv show/films she appeared on). So, she gave the mic to Erica, lol.

- She was asked about her first time meeting with Erica Durance (in a Boston Convention). I don't remember what she said as I could barely hear what she was saying, sorry. I'm guessing she said nice things though, of course.

- She was asked if she watches her own show. She said, "No."

- She was asked about her most embarassing moments (same with Erica) on the Adventures of Superman set. Noel said that when she got her first paycheck, "this couldn't be, what did I do to get this amount of money?" (or something close to it, lol). Then, she noticed that it wasn't her name on the paycheck, it was someone else. She thought it was embarassing. She laughed.

There were more questions asked for Noel Neill, but those were all I could remember. She had a few or more similar questions with Erica Durance.


Stay Tune for My MegaCon M&G Experience with Erica Durance!


Seeya'round Smallville said...

Jeane your such a tease making us wait for Erica's write-up! :) Just kidding, that was very nice to hear about your meeting Noel Neill. Glad you had a great experience!

Jeane said...

LOL, Sorry, Luke. I just finished my write up for ED today, so don't worry, I'll post it in a bit. It's very long, but It'll be worth the wait. :)

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