Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Photos: Tom Welling & Erica Durance at Comic-Con 2010

Tom Welling & Erica Durance along with their Smallville co-stars Justin Hartley, Cassidy Freeman, and Smallville writers and producers were in attendance at this past Sunday's Comic-Con. Smallville had a discussion panel with TW, ED, and SV co-stars and writers/producers.

First, here are new pics of Tom & Erica (with SV castmates) at SDCC's Smallville Panel.

Smallville Comic-Con 2010 Photos 
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Also, Erica attended the EW and Syfy Celebrate Comic-Con with SV co-stars Justin Hartley, Cassidy Freeman, and Laura Vandervoort.

(Photos by Michael Buckner/Getty Images North America | zimbio.com)

Erica Durance
attends the EW and SyFy party during Comic-Con 2010 at Hotel Solamar on July 24, 2010 in San Diego, California.

Here are Smallville Panel's Comic-Con highlights (from Superman Homepage):
    1. The video presentation shows the Superman suit. It’s the red, yellow, and blue suit from “Superman Returns”. 2. Lois (Erica Durance) says “Superman”.
    3. DC Comics COO and writer Geoff Johns is penning a Blue Beetle and Booster Gold story for the final season.
    4. Darkseid is the main season 10 villain.
    5. John Glover’s Lionel Luthor will be appearing this season.
    6. Green Arrow gets a fantastic new suit.
    7. Project: Cadmus is back.
    8. Lois does seem to know Clark’s secret.
    9. Actor Tom Welling will direct an episode again this season.
    10. Welling hasn’t yet seen or worn the suit during production. We might see a costume change from black during the season.
    11. John Schneider, already announced to be returning as Pa Kent, showed up at the panel. “The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated,” he said. Schneider is very happy to be back on set.
    12. When asked by a fan if there are any plans for a Justice League spin-off, there was no comment from the panel though Geoff Johns said "Never say never."
    13. The show has a "bucket list" of things to do before they end next May. They have a three-year old list they are checking off. The 200th episode in particular will be chock full of resolutions; it will feature glimpses of the past, present, and future.
    14. Will Welling fly? The Producers know but they aren't saying.
    15. At the end of the series there will be a selection of special clips.
    16. Erica Durance will appear as Lois Lane in 22 episodes. Justin Hartley will be in 17 episodes or so and will direct an episode.
    17. Will Michael Rosenbaum return as Lex Luthor? The door is open for him to return. If fans want him back, let him know.
    18. Welling was asked if he'd been approached for a Superman movie and apparently he has been though he didn't go into specifics.
    19. There are still no plans for Wonder Woman or Batman but there will be new heroes this season including the Suicide Squad, Aqualad, and the New Gods.
    20. The Johns-penned Blue Beetle and Booster Gold episode will feature Jaime Reyes and yes, Skeets will appear as well.
The final season of “Smallville” bows on September 24, 2010.

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