Friday, September 26, 2008

Two more new Erica Durance interviews

Here are 2 more new Erica Durance interviews promoting Season 8 of Smallville from...

of E Online's Watch with Kristin:

Erica Durance Spills Smallville Secrets

Lois & Clark…the Couple?
Look for an upcoming episode where Clark and Lois investigate a man who stalks couples, so of course Lois decides they should play a couple as bait, and Lois plays it to the hilt while Clark feels a wee bit uncomfortable. But subterfuge aside, don't expect Lois and Clark makeout sessions quite yet. "I think they are just being very careful on how they have that relationship unfold," said Erica. "And I just want to make sure she earns the right to be loved by Superman." Read more @ Watch with Kristin. has also posted a 2nd video interview with Erica Durance in which she discusses Lois' journey in Season 8.

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