Wednesday, December 17, 2008

TV Guide Scan: Teri Hatcher featured on TV Guide's 'The Year In Photos' 2008

Teri Hatcher and the women of Desperate Housewives was on the cover and photo-spread of TV Guide Magazine's September 29 - October 5, 2008 issue. Previously posted here under: Desperate Housewives: TV Guide Magazine Cover and Scans.

Now, in the latest issue of TV Guide Magazine's Double Issue (December 22, 2008 - January 4, 2009) titled: One Mother Of A Year: The Best of 2008 (with half of the cast of How I Met Your Mother on the cover in a holiday theme). Teri is the only Desperate Housewives star that is featured on a full page with a sexy photo shoot on page 39, The Year in Photos section. This issue of TV Guide will be on magazine stands nationwide Friday!

Got my TV Guide subscription early on the mail today, so I've scanned a HQ of Teri's pic and transcribed the photo caption below:

[Click image to enlarge!]


***Updated 1/3/09***

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TV Guide Scan Text:

To celebrate the fifth season of Desperate Housewives, we reunited the women of Wisteria Lane for their first TV Guide shoot in four years. The theme was Vargas Girls, and Teri Hatcher had no problem playing sexy pinup. "Teri has the classic beauty for someone Vargas would have illustrated," says photographer Andrew Eccles. "She and I go back to her Superman days, but of all our collaborations in the studio together, I think this was the most successful." Photograph by Andrew Eccles.

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