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MegaCon 2008: My M&G Experience With The Lovely Erica Durance (Part 3)

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Erica Durance's Q&A Photos

Unfortunately, as I've previously mentioned, most of my ED Q&A photos didn't come out good as I would've wanted them. They were blurry, so, I couldn't post them here. Sorry. Don't worry though, I found here are some of the same ones I took, but in HQ photos of Erica Durance (as well as with Erica with Noel Neill). I DO NOT take credit for all these lovely and gorgeous ED/ED & NN Q&A pics as they were not taken by me. These pictures were from Jennifer (aka Ferd) and from her Ferd's Fancy Files On Fandom And Life on LiveJournal (special credit and thanks goes to ferd for all the Q&A pics of Erica/Erica & Noel. Hope she wouldn't mind me posting some of them here).

Erica Durance
(You can tell by these photos that Erica had a great time @ the Q&A Panel):

[click all images below to enlarge!]

Erica Durance & Noel Neill Photos:

View ED Q&A HQ pics from ferd's LiveJournal here and here.

Final Thought

Meeting Erica Durance was just an amazing experience and a blesssing at the same time as I've waited so long to meet her. So glad that I've waited for this time, as it was worth all the wait I had to go through until she finally came to MegaCon. All the waiting in line that day and the money I've spent for her autograph and a picture with her were all worth it and more. I guess I can say now that the best ones are always worth the wait especially when you less expected to. Besides it's my a-month-early-birthday-present for myself, hehe! I wouldn't mind going through all that all over again if that means I can meet Erica again. Erica Durance was, in my opinion, simply the best! My meeting with her was one of the best experiences I've ever had in meeting a favorite celebrity of mine (Mariah Carey was another one. I would so love it if Erica and Mariah meet, co-star in a movie or do a musical together as they were both the nicest and just amazing celebs you could ever meet. They both are very beautiful in person, adorable, smart, funny, and have a very good memory when asked about a certain fan meeting in the past. So glad and proud to be a fan of both). I just love Erica, even so much more now that I've finally met her in person and she was just so nice and sweet. She kept on surprising and impressing me with her answers when she was asked. Not too mentioned, I kept seeing her there (about 6 times and no I wasn't even stalking her, lol) wherever I was going and she seemed to always remember me and smiled whenever I see her like she knows me personally (would be so nice, wouldn't it? I wouldn't mind working for her as her PA, lol). She was just so down-to-earth, friendly, and all the nice adjective words I could describe her. Everyone who had met her there that day, all said the same nice, positive things about her. They were impressed at how intelligent and funny she was, how she handled herself very well and that she was much more beautiful in person than on seeing her on TV.

After I got my photo printed copy with Erica, I looked for my friends and there, unexpectedly, I saw Erica & David (again) walking by (and just passed me) to do a last Autograph session. I heard it was going to be a quick 30 min. signing. Everyone cheered when they walked by and called her name. They waved and she smiled. That was the last time I saw her as they went back to her table to sign more autographs. There were lots of people already in line. We left right after seeing Erica & David for the last time, as it was about 6 after and we heard an announcement that it was going to end soon. So, it was time to go as we've stayed there long enough, from before opening to almost closing, basically, the whole Saturday event. It was really fun and we enjoyed it. We had to go through a long walk again just to get back to where we parked in the back entrance. That night as we head back to our hotel (we had to spend the night as we were so tired and exhausted from walking and waiting in line all day), we were beyond tired and exhausted. We ate a buffet dinner outside the hotel, and not long after we went to bed early to get some plenty of sleep and rest. So, to end my amazing and unforgettable first time experience @ MegaCon and first time meeting the beautiful and elegant Erica Durance, we really had an amazing time at MegaCon. I would just like to say here, thank you Erica Durance for an incredible Saturday! Thanks to my friend Luke for telling me about MegaCon or I wouldn't have known Erica was coming to Orlando. I wouldn't have met her, if it weren't for him. You are a great friend, Luke and I'm blessed and thankful to have known you for almost 5 years now and throughout our journey (and lots of fun times @ fd2c forum) and the pleasure of meeting Erica Durance in person (even if they were in separate conventions), as well as knowing and following her acting career (especially watching our favorite SV character, Lois Lane on Thursday nights) since she joined Smallville in Season 4. Also, thanks a lot to my wonderful friends Sarah & Ken for going with me and making my first time experience @ MegaCon the best and unforgettable one. We sure had a blast!

To all the readers/visitors: Thanks a lot for reading my M&G Experience with ED and for reading all this a bonus, I found a video of Erica's Q&A from MegaCon. Once again, it was from Jennifer/Ferd. It's a random excerpts of some of the many questions Erica had been asked (which you've read from all my report here).

Now watch a Video clip of Erica Durance from the Q&A Panel:

ED Video credit & thanks:
Ferd's Fancy Files On Fandom And Life on LiveJournal

Enjoy and Have Fun reading and viewing all the ED pics and video!


Seeya'round Smallville said...

Thanks for the kind words, J. You're so sweet! That was a wonderful write-up and I am very happy that you finally got to meet Erica!

Jeane said...

You're welcome, Luke. Thanks for reading and for being happy for me meeting Erica. I'm glad you enjoyed reading my long 3-part, write-up report here, lol.

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