Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lane & Kent News Blog Turns One

Lane & Kent News Blog
Celebrates One Year Online!

Lane & Kent News Blog was started (and created by yours truly...!) one year ago (December 10th, 2007) today! This blog started out small, mostly just posting and archiving all the news of our favorite Lois & Clark actors (in various incarnations) and has slowly expanded to more contents throughout the year... such as the ones you can read/view in the right side bar here (ie. L&K categories, headlines, archives, upcoming tv/film project listing for Clois actors, links, L&K photos galleries, My MegaCon 2008 experience meeting 2 lovely and wonderful Lois Lane actresses: Erica Durance and Noel Neill who are featured here in this blog, etc.) esp. the Lane & Kent Photo Gallery added here to archive photos for all Clois/Superman actors.

Lane & Kent News stats by the #s:

Total Visitors: 6695 (currently...and counting since September)
Total Blog Posts/Articles: 471 (and counting...)
Total Countries: 110 (currently since September)
Avg. RSS L&K News Feed Subscribers: 25 (per day)
Avg. Feed Readers: 20 (per day)
Email Subscribers: 10 (currently active)


L&K News Site Meter Stats: 5, 710 (total visitor count since September) and 8,822 (total page views since September)

Thanks to everyone especially to all the daily visitors, readers, subscribers, contributors (thanks a lot to my friends Kiki, Luke, Rachel, Ryka, Jess, and Trisha for all the help on the arts/banners, Clois actors' news and SV episode reviews. I love, appreciate, and can't thank you all enough), past commenters (not a lot of you, but still appreciated those who left their comments on past topics/news posted here), and most of all, thanks to all the Clois fans around the world who are fans of one, any or all versions (of Lois & Clark) and the Lois & Clark actors in various incarnations (Dean Cain, Teri Hatcher, Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth, Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder , and Dana Delany) ...for without you all, this Blog wouldn't have started or made it this far.

Thank you all so much. Please keep visiting this blog as I continue to post news here on our favorite Clois actors (in various incarnations) and any L&K/Superman related news articles.

P.S. In honor of this blog's one year milestone, I changed the main header banner above ^. As you can see...I'm not very good with making banners, so that's what I ended up creating a very simple one (as well as a festive one for the post here to celebrate this milestone)...not very good and as beautiful as the previous header banner that my friend Rachel made in the past year (see her old header banner to the image cap of this blog to your right) ...but since she and my other friends/art contributors @ fd2c forum are busy and not available...for the moment, I thought I'd try and make one myself (in my-limited-and-not-so-artistic-experience with photoshop manip thingy, lol) there, at least I tried...better than not trying at all, right? I'll eventually change it again to a much better one...soon. This one's a temporary one (for the meantime) to celebrate this special occasion.

***UPDATE! 12/14/08***

P.P.S. Changed the header banner (again) for a holiday theme one, just in time for the holidays.

An Early Merry Christmas to everyone & safe, healthy, and super 2009!

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