Wednesday, September 17, 2008

TV Guide's Interview with Erica Durance (Part 2)

TV Guide's Interview with Erica Durance (Part 1) was previously posted here last week and now part 2 is up...

The eighth season of the CW's Smallville takes flight this Thursday at 8 pm/ET, promising major steps in fulfilling the promise of the Superman character's mythos. Of course, a big part of the big guy's future involves one Lois Lane. Here in Part 2 of
Matt Mitovich Q&A with Erica Durance, the Canadian beauty reveals what's new and improved with Clark, teases the "heartache" that comes with Lana's return, and raves about "sexy" costar Allison Mack. I get a lot of Clois fans asking the question, "How quickly will we get a Lane-Kent byline on a story?"
Erica Durance:
We haven't done the byline yet, but we have worked on stories together. As he and Lois go undercover on assignments, will we see Clark more and more "disguised" in what will become his trademark glasses?
I haven't seen those pulled out yet, but it definitely is moving that way. What I really like about this year is they're making Clark more of his own man. Lois will think she's helping him, and he's incredibly patient as he keeps her out of danger, but he gets to solve problems and come to conclusions on his own; it's not always him needing someone to give him the information. He's going solo a lot more, and the fans will really enjoy seeing that.

Read the rest of Erica's interview @ here.

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