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More Erica Durance and Smallville cast Interviews

As the season 8 premiere of Smallville fast approaches (tomorrow night!), Smallville cast members such as Erica Durance, Aaron Ashmore, Allison Mack, and new cast members Sam Witwer (Davis Bloome) and Cassidy Freeman (Tess Mercer) had all been been interviewed a lot most recently regarding the new season of Smallville.

First of, in addition to previously posted articles from TV Guide's Interview with Erica Durance (Parts 1 & 2), IGN Interview: Erica Durance On Being Lois Lane, and National Ledger: Erica Durance Finds Playing Lois Lane on "Smallville" Empowering, here are 3 more Erica Durance interviews from, TV Insider, and

According to, Erica Durance is a very busy lady. When BuddyTV went up to Vancouver to visit the Smallville set, Erica was in the middle of a grueling shooting schedule that went way into the wee hours of the morning. The thing about Smallville is that there are many scenes that require special effects (for example, the many times when Clark runs at super speed) and these kinds of scenes are very difficult to shoot because they require the actors to do many different takes. Read more here.

Watch BuddyTV's on the Smallville set interview with Erica below:

[source: BuddyTV]

Next, from TV Insider:

Erica Durance near Lois' Destiny

With "Smallville" getting ready to fulfill its destiny this coming season -- leading into the "Superman" story -- actress Erica Durance is enjoying heading toward the full realization of her character, "becoming the Lois Lane everybody knows. There've been whispers of what she's like before, but now, Lois is sinking her teeth into becoming a journalist. There's a lot of really tantalizing things for me to do this year and I get to hold on to my independence and verve as Lois." Read more @ TV Insider.

And from

Erica Durance Dishes on Smallville

For the last four years, Erica Durance has portrayed one of the most iconic female characters, that of Lois Lane, on the CW's smash-hit series, Smallville, which debuts its eighth season on Thursday, September 18 at 8 PM ET. I had the chance to speak with this Smallville siren over the phone, and here's what the beautiful actress had to say.

It looks like Lois really ups her presence at the Daily Planet this season. Since this is the Lois we're all familiar with, the Lois at the Daily Planet, is there any familiar shades to any previous Lois' or is this mainly your own?

Erica Durance: Well, it just ends up being I'm doing what I'm doing with it. I think what's similar is she's coming in, they are placing her in that similar environment. It will never be exactly how they did it because I've got my own kinds of mannerisms and such, but it is becoming that Lois Lane that people are excited about seeing, and that is giving her more intellect, giving her more independence, using all her street savvy to get the answer. What's fun is they always, in this season, given a great parralel to where Clark also finds the same answer, but his is his superpowers. I think he's also forced to admit, to himself, that, wow, Lois has got some chutzpah. She is getting it all on her own. She gets herself in, still, quite a bit of trouble. It's there, it's persistent and they're giving a lot of interplay to the Lois and Clark relationship. They obviously have more free time together, they're working together at the Daily Planet and there's a lot of those underlying kinds of things going on. Read the full Erica Durance interview from here.

Plus from Superman Homepage:

More “Smallville” Season 8 Video Clips and Interviews

The CW has released four preview video clips (available via from the Season 8 premiere episode "Odyssey."

Clip 1 - Lois meets Tess Mercer (also available via YouTube)

Clip 2 - Having a Brawl (YouTube)

Clip 3 - Clark and Lois Team Up (YouTube)

Clip 4 - Clark gets a new job (YouTube)

You can also check out TV Guide's "Smallville" Season 8 preview video clip, which includes quick interviews with Allison Mack, Erica Durance, and Justin Hartley. caught up with Aaron Ashmore to talk about Jimmy Olsen in Season 8. spoke with Sam Witwer about playing Davis Bloome (aka Doomsday) on "Smallville"

Smallville: Season 8 premieres Thursday, September 18th at 8:00pm ET/PT

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