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In Pop Culture: Misc Superman References

Here are the latest miscellaneous Superman references from best-selling books, popular tv shows and movies, etc. I could find and post here.

The Time Traveler's Wife

Just recently read the book and seen the movie (starring Erica Bana and Rachel McAdams) of The Time Traveler's Wife. I loved both book and movie versions. In the book though, it references Lois & Clark/Superman and mentions Jimmy Olsen as well.

This was in protagonist Henry DeTamble's point of view in the book when his co-workers/boss at a Chicago library where he works at were stunned to see him time traveling while at work. He was appearing/disappearing and they saw two sets of Henrys (his present and future self) at the same time.

Here's the text part mentioning them (page 463):

"Gosh," says Catherine. "It's like working with Clark Kent."
"I feel like
Jimmy Olsen," says Matt. "Ugh."
"That makes you
Lois Lane," Roberto teases Catherine.
"No, no, Clare is
Lois Lane," she replies.
Matt says, "But
Lois Lane was oblivious to the Clark Kent/Superman connection, whereas Clare..."
"Without Clare I would have given up a long time ago," I say.
"I never understood why
Clark Kent was so hell bent on keeping Lois Lane in the dark. "
"It makes a better story," says Matt.

"Does it? I don't know," I reply.

Superman "S" symbol in Funny People

Seth Rogen's new film "Funny People" opened in theaters last July, and it appears the Jewish actor might be a fan of the Man of Steel... or maybe he just likes the Star of David.

During the film Seth's character is seen wearing a "Superjew" T-Shirt... the "S" symbol within the Star of David. are selling the "Superjew" T-Shirt, and you can also go into the draw to win the actual T-Shirt worn by Seth Rogen in the movie. Check out the website for more details.

[source: Superman Homepage]

MTV Cribs - Shaquille O'neal

Below is a segment from the show, "MTV Cribs" in which Shaquille O'Neal takes us on a tour of his huge house.

As you can see below, Shaq himself is a big fan of the Man of Steel. His house is filled with walls, carpets, bed spreads, cars, and basket ball court all adorned with the Superman "S" shield.

Note: Nearly all the "Superman" items in Shaq's house are custom-made. They are not available to purchase at your local store or online.

[source: Superman Homepage]

[source: 11IaNJeReL11]

Speaking of Shaquille O'Neal, check out below a few pics of...

Shaq (wearing a Superman t-shirt)
at the Superman Returns LA Premiere in 2006...

Heroes mentions Superman...again!

NBC's Heroes has previously referenced Clark Kent/Superman in about 1-2 Season 1 episodes (which was previously mentioned here: In Pop Culture: TV Shows with Superman/Clois References) and most recently in their 3rd season, in episode Chapter Eight 'Into Asylum', Heroes' father/daughter characters Nathan Petrelli (his ability is flight) and daughter Claire Bennet (who is an evolved human with the ability to rapidly heal from any injury) mentioned flying and Superman.

Claire Bennet: You know what? Over the years, I couldn't help but... think about my real dad. Who you were, what you looked like, your job. And then I met you; and you were more amazing than anything I could have ever imagined.
Nathan Petrelli: I mean, it's just a fantasy.
Claire Bennet: No. No, it doesn't have to be! You could do anything you want - you could fly!
Nathan Petrelli: Claire...
Claire Bennet: You're supposed to be Superman.

Twilight novel mentions Lois/Superman

In the last chapter of Stephenie Meyer's best-selling novel, Twilight (the first book from her very popular Twilight series), the heroine Bella Swan briefly mentioned Lois and Superman in the following text below:

Chapter 24. An Impasse (page 474)

"You have saved me," he said quietly.
"I can't always be Lois Lane," I insisted. "I want to be Superman, too."

Also, read Superman meets Mork in Mork & Mindy.

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