Friday, July 4, 2008

In Pop Culture: Misc Superman/Clois References

[From Wikipedia] The comic book character Superman (with his soul mate Lois Lane) is an extremely recognizable American cultural icon, and has appeared throughout American popular culture, even achieving international fame.

Since his first appearance in 1938, Superman has appeared in radio, television, movies, and video games each on multiple occasions, and his name, symbol, and image appear on many products and merchandise. The character is also frequently referenced in popular music, and has also been the subject of many homages and parodies.

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Walkmans ~ iPods ~ Hallmark cards

SR Superman/Lois Lane Dolls

Music Sheets ~ CD covers

Stuffed animals ~ Kids costumes

Cereal ~ Slurpee Drinks

Boombox ~ Radio clock

Cars ~ Roller-coasters

Basketball players


Superman actors/other celebs/people with Superman t-shirts

Computer mouse - keyboards - laptops

Got Milk? Ads



SR merchandise

Boxers ~ PJs


American Express Card Commercials

Watch Seinfeld with Superman's American Express card commercial via YouTube below:

View more Seinfeld with Supeman Am Exp. Commercial via YouTube.

[source: elithecat]

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