Saturday, October 29, 2011

Photos | Videos: New shirtless images of Henry Cavill on the Man of Steel set

As filming continues in Vancouver, Canada for the upcoming Zack Snyder's Man of Steel film starring  as Clark Kent/Superman. More new on set photos of Henry (especially shirtless) has surfaced online and various websites. Where's Lois Lane in all of these shirtless Clark Kent/Superman scenes galore and is it June 14th, 2013 yet? lol...

Man of Steel opens in theaters June 14, 2013!

Henry was previously shirtless too in the previous MOS on set photos:
Shirtless Henry Cavill on set of 'Man of Steel' (via Crave Online)   

Plus  Henry Cavill (wearing an apron) & Amy Adams: On Set of 'Man Of Steel' (via   

Here are some newer/recent shirtless MOS on set photos of Henry Cavill...

Also, check out and watch the following awesome videos of shirtless HC on the set as well...

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