Thursday, August 20, 2009

Movie News: Erica Durance stars in The Building

Erica Durance stars in an upcoming TV movie titled, The Building. Her husband David Palffy co-stars. No air date scheduled for this yet nor do we know which tv network this will be showing on, but for are some info.

TFI International has the following movie poster (to your left), synopsis, cast/crew and production info, and stills below:

The Building

A woman spying on her neighbors' phone calls discovers that one of them might be a murderer.

  • 96 min - Crime / Investigation / Thriller - English - 2009 Color

  • Directed by: Terry Ingram (Christmas Crash, Past Lies, Relic Hunter, Total Recall 2070)

  • Cast: Erica Durance (Smallville, I Me Wed)
    Adrian Holmes (Smallville, Godiva's, The 4400)
    David Palffy (Stargate SG-1, Cold Squad)

  • Produced by: Nasser Group North

  • Delivery: Summer 2009

Synopsis: Stuck in her Manhattan apartment because of a difficult pregnancy, reporter Jules Wilde (Erica Durance) is bored and restless. When one of her friends gives her a baby monitor as a present, she realizes that it picks up her neighbors' phone calls. Jules quickly becomes addicted to spying on the people in her building. But what started off as a game quickly turns sinister. After a mysterious disappearance followed by a murder, Jules hears things that lead her to believe one of her neighbors, Monk, could be the killer...

The Building stills

[source: TFI International]

Watch 6 Clips from The Building

[source: briannawithridge]

More clips/links below:

The Building - clip 2: Suspicious Activity
The Building - clip3: Scream In the Night
The Building - clip 4: Vincent
The Building - clip6: Everything's In Place

[source: jay for finding this movie's info | briannawithridge for youtube clips/links | TFI International for The Building movie poster/synopsis/production info/stills]

Update 8.23.09

I've capped several screen caps (141 of them) of Erica from the 6 clips she was featured in her
The Building movie. Sorry, they're not HQs, but that's because the clips weren't HQs. Still, you can view them nicely.

Here are some random caps...Click all images to enlarge!

The Building Screen Captures

View the rest of them in the ...

Erica Durance Photo Gallery


Paul said...

Great news, and good for Erica! Thanks for the tip...

Lucia said...

Erica Durance is best Acters...
I love you Erica Durance...

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