Thursday, June 6, 2013

Watch: Amy Adams on Jimmy Kimmel Live (with another clip from 'Man of Steel')

Man of Steel star  Smallville
Fat teenager Jodi Melville (Amy Adams) is obsessed to lose weight. She feels rejected by her schoolmates except Pete, who defends her. Planning to attend Lana Lang's birthday party, Jodi submits herself to a radical diet: only vegetables planted in her father's greenhouse... but with soil full of kryptonite. Jodi immediately achieves a wonderful shape, but has a huge and uncontrollable starvation and needs human body fat as the side effect, threatening whoever is closest- her next potential victim is date Pete. Clark again is forced to break his date with Lana to try to save Pete and somehow stop Jodi.
Amy Adams as Jodi Melville in Smallville 

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