Thursday, November 20, 2008

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Smallville "Bride" Video Clips

The CW
has released three more video clips (featuring Lois & Clark, Lois and Jimmy, and Davis Bloome) from tonight's much anticipated episode of "Smallville."

Check out the Lois & Clark/Lois and Jimmy video clips below:

Lois & Clark

Lois and Jimmy

Bryan Singer Talks Superman...Sort Of. interviewed Bryan Singer and asked him whether or not he'd be returning to direct the next Superman movie. He didn't exactly give a straight forward answer...

    MTV: There's a lot of confusion about whether you will be directing another Superman film. Can you set the record straight?

    Singer: At the moment I can't really talk about that. I wish I could. From my perspective I'm going to take a brief pause. This movie [Valkyrie] has taken a long time so I'm going to take a pause. A movie like that takes some time to do right. That's all I can say about that.

So, we're no clearer on this than we were before... You can read the complete interview with Bryan Singer at

Christopher Reeve's Son Discusses Next Superman Movie spoke with Matthew Reeve, son of the late Christopher Reeve, at a recent fundraising event in New York called "A Magical Evening" to benefit the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. Here's an excerpt from the article where Matthew talks about his thoughts on "Superman Returns" and future Superman movies...

"As far as we're concerned, there's only ever going to be one Superman," Matthew laughed.

So instead of worrying whether they should keep Routh or try to cast yet another actor who looks like Christopher Reeve in the upcoming reboot, Matthew suggested that Warner Bros. focus more on the story this next time around.

"There were lots of plot lines established, and it was very faithful to the original Donner films and sequels," he told us, "and I'd be curious to know how some of those plot lines in the last one will be continued or abandoned. If you look at 'The Dark Knight,' that was a phenomenal movie, and hopefully they can do something as good with the next version of this one. It could be."

Matthew's advice, then, was this: "There are lots of fans of the comics and the films my dad did and the new one, and you can never please everyone. So just be original and creative and exciting, and I'm sure it will be successful."

You can read the complete article at the website.

Erica Durance on the Lois, Lana and Clark Love Triangle

Erica Durance spoke with TV Guide's Mega Minute on how Lois will handle Lana's return in "Smallville."

Vote for Kate Bosworth in's Top 99 Women of 2009 is conducting a poll for its Top 99 Women of 2009. has assembled a list of approximately 200 intelligent, well-rounded knockouts for you to choose from. Click on their images to browse through, then nominate your picks by rating each on a scale from one to 10. Voting will close in mid-December, and the final Top 99 list will be revealed January 22, 2009.

Kate Bosworth is under Favorite Actresses category...

Under her picture it said: Making lad mag hot lists everywhere, California girl Kate Bosworth is an actress who's here to stay.

Here's a link to vote and nominate for Kate (in the Favorite Actress category): Vote for Kate Bosworth here.

See her's profile and gallery here.

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Anonymous said...

Kate is a good looking girl and all but I'm surprised Erica wasn't a nominee because she's x10000 hotter and more talented.

Anyways just though I'd let you know that the site might take some additional nominees (including Erica) if you email them.

I believe it's
but I'm not certain...

Someone else might want to double check and then email them with Erica as a nominee. :)

Anonymous said...

sorry, I forgot to add that I found this info out after I voted and then click on "compare your results". I was then directed to a new page where the email suggested additional nominees thing was. :)

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