Monday, April 28, 2008

TV Guide 2008 Sexiest Stars Update: Erica Durance Is A Sexiest Sci-Fi Gal Winner!

TV Guide revealed today all the winners for their 2008 Sexiest Stars Poll and Erica Durance won the Sexiest Sci-Fi Gal category.

Unfortunately, her Smallville co-star, Tom Welling lost the Sexiest Sci-Fi Guy category to Alex O'Loughlin of CBS' Moonlight.

Congratulations Erica Durance!

Check out all the other Sexiest TV Stars Winners including Erica Durance here.

Update 4/29:

I received my TV Guide subscription today. I got my copy earlier than usual. Grey's Anatomy's Patrick Dempsey is on the cover (as you can see to your left) for The Sexiest Man On TV and Jennifer Love Hewitt is on the other cover for The Sexiest Woman On TV, which the TV Guide staff has chosen. So, I was very disappointed in finding out that there wasn't any new photo shoot for Erica Durance and other poll winners in the magazine's Sexiest Stars issue. They only used the same small pics of the winners they have up on So, I didn't bother to scan it as it's the same Erica pic (but much smaller) I used here that they used on the TV Guide magazine. So, yeah, no new pictures and unfortunately, the 2 covers were chosen by TV Guide staff and not by sexiest stars winners that the viewers/fans voted on, they only added the poll winners results in small sections with small pictures and the ones that the staff chose (their actual sexiest list) had new photo shoots with a page of picture and article about them. I was looking forward to seeing a new Erica Durance picture and article, but no, they used the same one I've used here. Oh, well, at least she won and was chosen by the viewers/fans (which was the most important thing here) as the 2008 Sexiest Sci-Fi Gal. Congrats again, Erica!

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