Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Tom Welling!!!

Today, April 26th, marks the 31st birthday of Smallville's very own Clark Kent, actor/director Tom Welling.

It's hard to believe TW's 31 today as he still looks young and the same, not too mention, still super hot and handsome in his early 30s, lol.

Here's hoping Tom Welling will have a super birthday celebration today and many more to come!

Happy Birthday Tom Welling!!!
TW Birthday Tribute: Flashback to Smallville's Season 5, Episode #21 - Oracle

(Opening Scene - Clark's Surprise Birthday Party!)

(Happy Birthday Clark! - from Lois, Chloe, Mrs. Kent, and all of us, your fans @ fd2c and here @ l&k news blog)

(all oracle episode screen episode caps source: dts)

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