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Watch the promo trailer for Kate Bosworth's 'The Warrior's Way' film

The first promo trailer for Lee Sngmoo's "The Warrior's Way" starring Kate Bosworth, Jang Dong-kun, and Geoffrey Rush has leaked online! Unlike any other trailers, this video which was first found by 24Fps lasts for nearly four minutes. No official trailer yet nor an actual theatrical release date has been announced, but is widely reported to be released in U.S. theaters sometime in August. The promo trailer as does Kate looks pretty good. Check it out (while it's still available for viewing)!

But first...

Here are more details about the movie from


A trailer has been leaked online for THE WARRIOR'S WAY (formerly LAUNDRY WARRIOR), a $45 million Korean-New Zealand co-production from producers Barrie M. Osbourne (LOTR), Lee Joo-ick (BATTLE OF WITS) and Michael Peyser (SPEED 2). This effects-heavy, English-language fantasy actioner stars Jang Dong-kun (THE PROMISE), Kate Bosworth (SUPERMAN RETURNS) and GEOFFREY RUSH (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN).
Mixing wuxia, western and anime themes with highly stylized visuals, THE WARRIOR'S WAY concerns Yang (Jang), the world's greatest swordsman, who betrays his clan to save his final enemy. He travels from Asia to a dying gold rush town in the American Old West where he goes into hiding by working as a lowly laundryman. Yang attempts to put his past behind him while befriending a band of carnival workers, the fiery-tempered Lynne (Bosworth) and Ron (Rush), the town drunk with a secret past.
When Lynne is threatened by a gang led by a Colonel (Danny Huston), Yang comes out of hiding to protect her with his sword skills and finds himself forced to face the past he was hoping to put behind him.
THE WARRIOR'S WAY looks to be the first ever fantasy-wuxia-western combination and will break further ground by being an international production with an Asian lead that is currently set to premiere in the U.S. in August.
The film features the fight choreography of Japanese action director Yuji Shimomura, a protégé of Donnie Yen with AD credits that include VERSUS, ARAGAMI, SHINOBI: HEART UNDER BLADE, and motion capture for several action video games including DEVIL MAY CRY 4.
Kensuke Sonomura is assistant fight choreographer and stunts have been overseen by Hollywood veteran Augie Davis (THE WATER HORSE).

Watch 'The Warrior's Way' Promo Trailer below:

Source: 24Framespersecond via Quiet Earth |

Screen Caps

[Note: I made screen caps of the promo trailer featuring Kate Bosworth. Sorry, they're in LQ as the trailer itself wasn't HQ, unfortunately. Hopefully, the official trailer will be released soon and we'll have a HQ ones as soon as they're available. For now, check out the caps below!]

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Jang Dong-gun, The Warrior’s Way on 2000 American Screen

This is the opening for “The Warrior’s Way” which is collaboration of Korea and America and soon will be on show on over 2000 American screens.
The investment for the movie is over 10 million US Dollars and is led by Korean actor Jang Dong-gun and Hollywood star Kate Bosworth.

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