Friday, July 17, 2009

Smallville News & Spoilers: SV gets Emmy Nomination & a Clois romance in Season 9?

First of, Smallville has received a nomination for the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards. The show's sound editing team has been nominated in the "Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series" category for the Season 8 episode "Bloodline."

SmallvilleBloodline • CW • Tollin/Robbins Productions and Warner Bros. Television
Michael E. Lawshe, Supervising Sound Editor
Jessica Dickson, Dialog Editor
Norval Crutcher III, ADR Editor
Paul Diller, Sound FX Editor
Marc Meyer, Sound Effects Editor
Tim Cleveland, Sound Effects Editor
Jenny Leite, Sound Editor
Chris McGeary, Music Editor
Michael Crabtree, Foley Artist
Al Gomez, Foley Artist

Smallville is up against the following shows for this award: 24, Battlestar Galactica, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

The 61st Primetime Emmy Awards, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, will air on September 20th on CBS.

Congrats to SV's Sound Editing Team!

Now, let's get to a super cool spoilers for SV Clois shipper fans...

Warning! ...

For those who don't read spoilers...that is...
there's a slight spoilers, so ...

If you do read spoilers...don't stop there ^... scroll down and read on ...

EW's Michael Ausiello clears up some confusion regarding romantic ties in Season 9 of Smallville...

    Question: There have been conflicting reports about where Smallville is heading in the romance department this year. Is it the season of Clois, or are they really revisiting Lois and Ollie again?

    Ausiello: It's full-tilt-Clois. I'm sure they will touch on Lois-Ollie, but it won't be anything significant.

From E!' Watch with Kristin:

    Lorraine in the United Kingdom: Any chance of some Chloe-Oliver action on Smallville next season? I just love those two characters!
    Sorry, no Chloe-Oliver gettin' together on Smallville this season, but they will continue to be awesome separately. We're hearing
    the big romance arc this season is Lois and Clark.

Season 9 premieres on Friday, September 25th on The CW.

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