Thursday, July 23, 2009

Smallville Comic-Con custom room key

According to The LA Times, Warner Bros. are giving away custom room keys from a range of their TV shows, including Smallville, for attendees of the San Diego Comic-Con.

    One of the many giveaways/stunts/swagtastic events surrounding Comic-Con will be custom room keys offered by Warner Bros. at some of the San Diego hotels. Talk about pulling in the community.

    Patrons/fans will also be able to use the cards to download a free episode of one of the shows spotlighted ("Chuck," "Fringe," "Supernatural," "Smallville") or they'll get the motion comic book "Superman: Red Son." The TV episodes are now on iTunes, and the comic goes up July 24. The free episode offer must be redeemed by Aug. 4.

Warner Bros. are issuing 27,000 of these collector's items, click on the image above ^ to take a look at what the Smallville custom room key looks like.

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