Monday, February 23, 2009

Operation Wild Cherry: Erica Durance Fans join forces to support their Lois Lane

Operation: Wild Cherry is the latest WE WANT MORE DURANCE campaign being launched by the CLOIS fans at Divine Intervention forum. Why WILD CHERRY? This is for the Wild Cherry comment Lois made to Clark in Instinct commenting on his history with women…

This fan effort has an easy way for you to participate in a letter and email campaign. More Details below thanks to quistis (who informed me about this @ FD2C forum. She also started a thread about this: Operation:Wild Cherry) and Superman Fans for Lois Lane Blog for all the O:WC campaign info posted and ED banner used here:

Operation: Wild Cherry
is launching a brand new email & letter campaign, targeting everyone associated with the Smallville series that can help us get Erica Durance to star in all 22 episodes of Smallville’s Season 9. Our campaign will be starting exactly one week from starts today, Monday, February 23, 2009 and will continue throughout the month of March and possibly the month of April (or until we receive confirmation of a Season 9 Update 2/25/09: The CW renewed Smallville for a 9th Season!).


For more info and further updates- please visit the DIVINE INTERVENTION forum in the OPERATION WILD CHERRY THREAD!

Also another way to participate is to ...

Click here! to sign the online petition to support Erica Durance for a full season - 22 episodes as Lois Lane in Season 9 of Smallville. This is all assuming we get Smallville gets a 9th season, of course (Update 2/25/09: The CW renewed Smallville for a 9th Season!).

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