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Thoughts on the casting of Amy Adams as Lois Lane for upcoming new Superman film

As I've posted here Sunday (March 27th), the big casting announcement of Amy Adams is Lois Lane in Zack Synder's new Superman film! This was a pretty good casting decision...even brilliant, I must say as I never expected nor saw it coming (though I've been waiting for news announcement of the casting of LL and I thought it might be announce anytime soon at the end of this month or early next month as the last 3 casting announcements seemed to be announced in a similar pattern...I thought we'll probably hear about LL's casting very soon...and I checked online and there it is...LL casting announced!). I was very surprised to have heard/read that three-time Oscar nominee (for Junebug, Doubt, and The Fighter) was cast as  (I had to double check and refreshed the headlines, random tweets about AA cast as LL [Btw, love the double A initials to Amy's name and her LL character she'll soon be playing. AA as LL rings a bell!], and Lois Lane, the iconic Superman character herself,  trending worldwide on twitter, lol).

I never would've have thought she would be cast as Lois Lane as she wasn't in my shortlist (or anyone that had a short or long list) of my Casting Lois Lane for the new Superman film (Wishlist) and I personally was hoping  Rachel McAdams will get cast as LL in the new film. I thought she and Henry Cavill will easily fit as Lois & Clark and that they'll instantly get an on-screen chemistry (as RM usually does with her leading men co-stars), but I was stunned (as everyone were) that AA was the one Snyder and crew picked to play LL. She was not what I expected (nor everybody else as well) as she was never rumored or considered a contender. She just came out of the blue and surprised everyone!! I didn't know what to think at first, not that I thought it wasn't a good casting 'cause as much as I was hoping for RM, but AA is a very good choice too as she's a terrific actress (and one of my favorites too) and can play just about any role. She's a very talented and versatile actress that I have no doubt she'll do great as LL too. I've been reading fan reactions and comments on
Comics Lois Lane and Amy Adams
various Superman sites/forums about her casting and while everyone's as surprised (and some are concerned about her red hair, which isn't her natural color as she was actually a natural blonde, but red hair suited her and in the comics wasn't Lois' hair red/auburn? She looks great in brunette/brown/darker hair color too. I've found a few of her in dark/brown hair (scroll back up ^ to see those pics of her in darker hair color). Most were worried about her age (she's currently 36 years old), which I thought is not even old and  shouldn't be a factor, this is Hollywood, after all, and not something to worry about as she looks younger than her actual age and HC looks older and would just blend with her nicely once they meet and are in characters...they already look great together in side-by-side photos I've tried and attempted to manipped, but could only put together side-by-side pic of them, lol...see them below! They look great together, do they not?) as I was with her casting, everyone seemed to liked her though (red hair color and age issues aside) and agreed on two important things about AA: she's a great actress and will do great as LL.

Amy Adams & Henry Cavill 
(is it just me or does he not look like Tom Welling in his pic below?) 
as the new Lois & Clark in new Superman film
Aww, Henry looks happy to see Amy cast as Lois Lane! (lol)...
Amy Adams and Henry Cavill
Amy & Henry as Lois & Clark
A versatile actress: Amy Adams
I totally agree with those two things...like I said, I love Amy Adams (while she may not be what my two favorite Lois Lane actresses Teri Hatcher and Erica Durance look like, but I don't mind her casting as LL in the new Superman film at all. You know, they could've picked someone far worse that everyone hated or less talented than AA...and that would not be cool at all, lol) as she's one of my favorite actresses and a great actress (who can sing and dance too...she wasn't three-time Oscar nominee for nothing) no doubt. I have seen a lot of her movies and she was great especially acting-wise (she never fail to amaze me...whether the movie is good, descent, or not...see AA in her various roles to your top left and see if you can name which movies those characters she had played in) in pretty much all of the ones I've seen her in various films such as Enchanted (my most favorite film of hers), Sunshine Cleaning (another favorite),  Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day to name a few of her many films in her impressive resume. I thought that she's one of the finest actresses in her generation. She really gets into character in every role she had played previously and recently as they're different roles every time. I've never seen her play the same role twice. I may mixed her up sometimes with her look-alike, another red-head beauty Isla Fisher, but that's only as far as their hair and looks goes. When it comes to her playing her character, I never once thought of her as Amy Adams, but the character she plays. She's that great of an actress...as she's got the whole package! She's beautiful and funny too and has a great comic-timing and really good in dramatic, tough scenes as well. An amazing character actress (much like her The Fighter co-star Christian Bale aka Bruce Wayne/Batman in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy films), indeed! For instance, when I saw her in Enchanted, I saw her as lovely and sweet Giselle (not Amy) or when she was playing Rose in Sunshine Cleaning, I see her as serious, smart, and a mature Rose (not Amy). I have yet to see her in The Fighter, but I will definitely see it soon. I'm sure she was great on it as I've been hearing nothing but rave reviews about her performance (she recently got an Oscar nomination for it, her 3rd time!) and the film itself. So, yeah...I will give her a chance and reserve my judgment or criticism of her Lois Lane version till I see her in character as Lois (photos and trailer) or when the completed film is released. For now, I can only say with her versatile acting chops, I'm sure she'll be great as Lois Lane and I can't wait to see her take on Lois in this film!

Adams as Rose in Sunshine Cleaning
Speaking of AA in Sunshine Cleaning (a very good film she co-starred with another one of my favorite actresses Emily Blunt, where they played sisters)...I thought she had a lil' Lois Lane look (but never gave much thought about it then when I first saw it...until now that she was cast as LL) in that film, I remember watching a scene where her character Rose was in a business suit (she immediately reminded me of Lois in that suit...see screen cap of her in that scene to your right) and she was taking a class/exam to get her license as a real estate agent went to a BloodBorne Pathogens Certification Seminar for her Sunshine Cleaning business (if I remember it right, I have to just re-watched this movie streaming on Netflix, Monday 4/4/11...and there were a few more scenes that Amy reminded me of Lois even when she was just wearing a suit jacket. The bloody mattress scene was hilarious, hahaha!!! Also, when her Rose character suddenly told her sister, Nora, "I'm still mad at you...really mad at you," after their heart-to-heart talk...the way she said the line reminded me of what Teri's Lois would say to Clark when she was mad at him about something, LOL!.it's been a while since I last saw it).

Anyway, here are what director Zack Snyder and the first Lois Lane actress, Noel Neill had to say about the casting of Amy Adams as Lois Lane in the new Superman film...

From EW.com...

'Superman': Meet Lois Lane!
Amy Adams has nabbed the role of Lois Lane in director Zack Snyder’s reboot of Superman. “Second only to Superman himself, the question of who will play Lois Lane is arguably what fans have been most curious about. So we are excited to announce the casting of Amy Adams, one of the most versatile and respected actresses in films today,” said Snyder in the official Warner Bros. statement. “Amy has the talent to capture all of the qualities we love about Lois: smart, tough, funny, warm, ambitious and, of course, beautiful.
Noel Neill Approves of Amy Adams (via Superman Homepage)
Noel Neill, the original Lois Lane, approves of Amy Adams, the latest Lois Lane.

"Amy Adams as Lois Lane is a wonderful choice. She'll bring a lot to the role. She is a great actress with great acting depth. I have loved her work, so I have no doubt she will be an incredible Lois Lane. Welcome to the family, Amy!"

Speaking of AA, once again, one interesting tidbit I just found on her was that she was one of the guest stars on Smallville! Wow, who knew?! (certainly not I, lol) I must say I've been watching  Smallville since Season 1 and I cannot believe I never once noticed or remember seeing her in the episode she guest starred and appeared on, which was the episode, “Craving,” an episode where she plays a fat girl who gets instantly got thin using kryptonite smoothies. I'll have to go back and re-watched this episode (from my SV Season 1 DVD) just to see Amy get kryptonite craving, lol.

Smallville (TV series)
Jodi Melville – Craving (2001) … Jodi Melville

Interesting that her first film was Drop Dead Gorgeous (she was also in a few forgettable films, where she was in small, supporting roles like Cruel Intentions 2, the straight-to-dvd sequel, The Wedding Date film where her character name Amy, is her name, and Serving Sara) she had guest starred on 3 of my favorite TV shows: Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Smallville. Who knew and would've thought in 12 years, she was seen with witches, vampires, and was once a freak of the week character craving for a kryptonite diet milkshakes (in the early years of her a lil' over a decade career) to a Disney Princess in Enchanted, to a nun in Doubt to a 3-time Oscar nominee and now being cast as Lois Lane in the new Superman film! Talk about an impressive resume and a vast accomplishment (not may actresses in Hollywood these days could've achieved what she had achieved in just 5-6 years let alone in 12 years of her career!!!) Way to go beautiful and multi-talented, Amy Adams!!!

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