Monday, September 29, 2008

Movie Update: Kate Bosworth's Laundry Warrior to be released in March 2009

As previously posted here, Kate Bosworth's The Laundry Warrior won’t be released until early 2009 because the release slots for movies for the end of this year in the US are full already.

Here's an update (from

Jang Dong-gun’s debut film in Hollywood is being released to the public in Europe also next year!

This film is hitting the market worldwide!

“Laundry Warrior” is finishing up filming last half of this film starring Kate Bosworth and Geoffrey Rush. The producer for the movie “Lord of the Rings” is also producing this film.

The film will be released in March 2009 in time for starting the summer season.

It is about an Asian Warrior who has crossed the seas and arrived in the wild West of the U.S where his adventure begins.

Speaking of Laundry Warrior, Australian's Inside Film has this very recent article about the effects created for the movie.

Flying ninjas take centre stage in The Laundry Warrior

The Laundry Warrior tells the tale of Yang (Dong-Gun), the world's greatest swordsman, who betrays his clan to save his last enemy, before escaping to the West.

Living in hiding as a laundryman in a dying gold rush town, he befriends a band of unemployed carnival players, the fiery young Lynne (Kate Bosworth) and Ron (Geoffrey Rush), the town drunk with a buried past.

Yang attempts to put his violent past behind him, but is forced to unsheath his sword to defend Lynne from a vicious gang led by Colonel (Danny Huston), leading to an epic final battle in which Yang's love for Lynne and loyalty to his new friends are tested as his past and present collide.

SM: How did Photon first get involved with this movie?
DD: When I became alerted that the production was considering shooting in New Zealand, I discussed the possibility of working on it with my colleague, Murray Francis. Murray and I had just both shared a producing credit on an animated production completed through Photon Animation - a subsidiary of Photon NZFX. As it turned out, Murray eventually became the line producer for The Laundry Warrior, but at the time, this had not been formalised yet.

Read the full article @

Also, here are what looks like a Behind The Scenes photos from The Laundry Warrior...


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