Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Kate Bosworth Photos Arriving On Letterman Show

From Just Jared:

Kate Bosworth arrives at the Ed Sullivan Theatre on Tuesday afternoon to promote her new gambling flick, 21, out Friday, at The Late Show with David Letterman.

Kate’s hair looked gorgeous as always (in a sexy bedhead kinda way) and she’s got some very cool designs in her leggings! Dress by Chloe. Jacket by Twenty8Twelve (Sienna Miller’s fashion line). Shoes by Sergio Rossi.

On the show, Kate, 25, shared about her recent vacation in New Zealand with model boyfriend James Rousseau. She even showed a video of her skydiving, which was part of the couple’s trip round the mountains. Kate was in between movies at that point, so that’s why she was allowed to do something as dangerous as skydiving!

She recently joked, “I went skydiving recently–I was really hoping that parachute was going to open!”

Here are some JJ pics of Kate arriving the Letterman Show in NYC:

View more here.


Here are some screencaps of Kate Bosworth from
The Late Show with David Letterman

Fearless Kate:

They showed a video of her skydiving!

Click on the images below to view bigger!

More pics of Kate on the show and her skydiving here.

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