Thursday, March 13, 2008

Erica Durance Currently 'In Talks' To Star In Sleeping With The Lion

As previously posted here, Erica Durance was listed at IMDB first as "in talks" to star in the upcoming Prodigy Entertaiment thriller film, Sleeping With The Lion (2009). Now, if you checked the IMDB page for Sleeping With The Lion, she's already listed as in the cast, which is still unconfirmed if she is indeed in the cast. At the Q&A Panel @ last weekend's MegaCon Convention in Orlando, Florida, Erica wouldn't say what upcoming film projects she's working on when she was asked, other than she's still holding on and waiting for "Ecstasy" and 2 more films, but she won't say what they are. Perhaps, this film is one of them.

So, I contacted the production company,
Prodigy Entertaiment for any information on Erica's involvement in this project and if the rumor was true that she's "in talks" for this film. Here's their reply:

Thank you so much for following Sleeping with the Lion. There was a glitch with the updating process with IMDB. I hope the following answers your questions:

*Yes we are in talks with Erica Durance for the role of Dr. Chandler Vicks.

*All of the actors that are listed on our websites cast page have committed to the project, or are in talks, or are in various stages of negotiations.

*The corrections for IMDb have been submitted.

Here's the official website (again) for this independent film already and you can check it out below:
Sleeping With The Lion
for more info. on this film. Keep checking the official production site also for updates on the casting and status of this film. We will find out soon enough whether Erica gets cast in this film. Let's hope she does as this film looks to be very interesting and the production company hopes to bring this into the big screen when they finished this project.

I'll keep you all updated for more on this as soon as I hear more info or find out more on the production site.

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