Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Erica Durance In Sleeping With The Lion?

IMDB has listed Erica Durance in the upcoming Prodigy Enteratainment thriller film, Sleeping With The Lion (2009). She is listed as in talks with the character name, Dr. Chandler Vicks. No confirmation yet if Erica is indeed in the cast, but the movie looks very interesting and the following already signed cast includes Kevin Sorbo (whom Erica had worked with when she guest starred in his Sci-Fi show, Andromeda).

Here's a lil' info about
Sleeping With The Lion:

The Plot:
Greed and evil rear its ugly head when a group of unlikely individuals become stranded in one of the worst snow storms of the century...What would you do to survive?
Genre: Thriller
Release Date: October 25, 2009
Project Status: Pre-Production (read here...)
Cast: Kevin Sorbo, Clint Howard (Read more cast & crew list here)
Casting On-going: With many roles still to cast, (Agent Wiley York, Dr. Chandler Vick, Coral, and Bryce, to name a few) there is much more work still to do in this area.

There's an
official website for this independent film already and you can check it out below:
Sleeping With The Lion
for more info. on this film. Keep checking the official production site also for updates on the casting and status of this film. We will find out soon enough whether Erica gets cast in this film.

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