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Photos|Video: 'Man of Steel' Press Conference - Q&A with cast and crew! (Updated)

Warner Bros. Pictures' Man of Steel starring  (Clark Kent/Kal-El) & 

The film also stars Diane Lane (Martha Kent), Kevin Costner (Jonathan Kent), Michael Shannon (General Zod), Russell Crowe (Jor-El), Antje Traue (Faora), Ayelet Zurer (Lara Lor-Van), Harry Lennix (General Swanwick), Christopher Meloni (Colonel Hardy) and Laurence Fishburne (Perry White).

Man of Steel in theaters June 14th! Just 13 more days!!!!

UPDATED 6/4/13: I found a video with the entire MOS Press Conference and you can watch it below!

I saw the videos earlier and was going to post them and share here, but unfortunately, the MOS Press Conference videos has been disabled and set to private. So, the videos are no longer available to view on Youtube at this time. Perhaps it'll be available again soon...and when they do, I'll update this post and embed the videos here. 

For now, See the Man of Steel - Press Conference photos/screen captures below...

Man of Steel - Press Conference
Q&A with Cast and Crew
Photos and Screen Captures
Los Angeles, CA - May 31st, 2013
View more MOS Press Conference Photos below...
Man of Steel - Press Conference
Some random Tweets from the MOS Press Conference below...

Man of Steel  (official twitter)

#AmyAdams says she has always loved #Superman - this was her 3rd time trying to play #LoisLane, so she's thrilled to be in #ManofSteel.

#HenryCavill jokes that Superman listens to @RealHansZimmer scores when asked about the #ManofSteel's choice of music.

.@RussellCrowe loved #ManofSteel's "complex, really cool script" that explored the tough decisions a father has to make.

Even 3-year-olds can't resist. #AmyAdams's daughter liked seeing #HenryCavill in the suit so much she gave him a "cheeky grab." #ManofSteel

#HenryCavill focused more on the "lonely aspect"of his character in #ManofSteel rather than referencing any classic #Superman material.

'I have a confession, I have never seen any Superman movie' #RussellCrowe
'Playing an icon, not try to be an icon' - #HenryCavill about his take on being #SuperMan

'She was part of the solution,not the problem' #AmyAdams on why she loved Lois Lane #ManofSteel

'As actors, it is quite a lonely journey' #HenryCavill on taking part of his personal experiences to play #SuperMan
'I think she really likes Superman, she really liked Henry in the suit' #AmyAdams on her 3yr. old daughter prefering Superman over Muppets

'The fun part of playing #Superman was flying' #HenryCavill on the special effects of #ManofSteel
'Talk about coming out!' #dianelane jokingly referring to the first time #MarthaKent saw #ClarkKent in the #SuperMan suit #ManofSteel
'I go to Satan for evil' #MichaelShannon jokingly responds to where he gets inspiration for playing evil characters #ManofSteel

'Everyone knows I am much stronger than #HenryCavill' #michaelshannon talks about fighting scenes in #ManofSteel

More MOS Press Junket coverage with more pics and videos via Henry Cavill News
LA Press Day: 'Man of Steel' Q&A With Henry Cavill & Cast

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