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Desperate Housewives ends its series with high ratings!

Last Sunday night (on Mother's Day too), Desperate Housewives (starring Teri Hatcher as Susan Mayer-Delfino) ended its wonderful 8 years series run with a great 2-hour series finale (New Desperate Housewives: Episode 8.22 and 8.23 - Give Me the Blame; Finishing the Hat (2-hour Series Finale!)). The dramedy series I've been watching and following (for all 8 seasons) ended on high with viewers (and Desperate fans like myself) kissing the lovely Wisteria Lane ladies (Susan, Gaby, Lynette, and Bree) and their family and friends goodbye!
*Spoilers within*
Goodbye Wisteria Lane: My thoughts about the series finale...
I'm sad that this series has now ended. I got used to watching it every Sunday (mostly) or if I missed it, I have it automatically scheduled on DVR (or OnDemand) to watch for later. Loved and enjoyed watching this series. I love all the ladies of Wisteria Lane, but of course, my favorite one that I always look forward to watching (and now will miss watching) and the main reason I started watching this series was/is...Teri Hatcher's Susan Meyer-Delfino character (obviously). As with Teri's former Lois & Clark series (who only, unfortunately, had 4...but memorable seasons), I was sad to see this series end (as I've been watching it for a long time), but at the same time happy that it ended with the ladies having their own happy endings. Though the ending itself was bittersweet with a wedding, death, birth, new beginnings, etc. It was also cool to see the interesting cameos of the ghost of Wisteria Lane's dearly departed residents such as the recent deceased (fan favorite) Mike (aka husband and the love of Susan's life), Mrs. McCluskey (so sad to see her go...), Mama Solis, Mrs. Huber, Karl, etc...and the most present departed (and the series narrator) Mary Alice were all shown in the very last seconds of the ending as Susan (with her daughter Julie and her newborn baby, and son MJ) was driving around the neighborhood for a last lap of her past. Unfortunately, unlike her friends Gaby (with husband Carlos), Bree (with new husband Trip), and Lynette (reconciling with husband Tom), who all were shown with their happy endings and glimpses of their futures....plus other friends such as the unexpected return Katherine Mayfair (nice comeback/cameo there from the lovely Dana Delany) and Renee (with her wedding and reception), I was a lil' disappointed that no glimpse for Susan's future was shown at the end...but after reading this Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Give Me the Blame/Finishing the Hat" (via TV Guide) and fans/viewers' comments and reactions of the series finale...especially someone commenting something about Teri's Susan (very interesting post/analysis of her character's ending scene) not having her own glimpse of her future:

(from carrier574 on TV Guide):
Actually, I'm glad they didn't. I would have been upset to learn that she found love with someone else. That would have been a slap in the face of those who loved her with Mike.
(also, from acoustic622 on TV Guide):
I think we did get a look into Susan's future, when she spoke about the better days being in her past. Her happy marriage to Mike, and her joy at raising her children; and I suspect she will really enjoy being a grandmother. Susan moved to the Lane with Carl, and that ended in a bad way; she found love with Mike, and lost him there, now she is on a new adventure with her children and grandchild. It was the happiest ending of all the women.

Susan gets to be true to herself, and be happy with her family. Susan and Julie were always close, but the daughter no longer needs to take care of her mother; Susan can now be the Mom to Julie that she should have been all along. I do not know if Susan could ever find a guy as perfect for her as Mike, and the 12 years she spent back and forth with Mike will certainly last a lifetime (the eight seasons of this show, and the five year time jump in the middle). Susan will be happy without an over the top future.

Susan ended up with her happy memories, and a close happy family around her.
After reading those ^ couple interesting series finale comments, I guess it made sense now that we didn't see her future as loyal fans of her character (like myself) who loved her pairing with her late hubby Mike Delfino, were still mourning for his passing in previous episodes (and I believe Susan too)...and just having him appear at the end from the afterlife...was satisfying enough...and good enough ending for Susan's part (knowing his watching over her and the kids) of the series (and besides her moving with her children and new grandchild to a new place and a new adventure for her family made up for the lack of a glimpse of her future...) and its actual last ending scene with the new owner of Susan's house was interesting and mysterious at the same time...it was thought-provoking and stays with you long after the credits roll and the series final ending...makes me still want this series to go on for at least another season as it was like a cliff-hanger ending finale with a new mystery to ponder and solve, lol. I must say it was great, very satisfying, unexpected, a unique (and not-so-predictable), and brilliant way to end this series though! I will miss this series for sure and miss watching the always amazing (charming and funny) Teri Hatcher as Susan Meyer-Delfino. She was a lot of fun (never a dull moment) to watch and did a fantastic job playing her character for 8 wonderful seasons. I hope she will land another show/series soon (or perhaps she should do more films), but this time lets hope she gets a central part. I wish her all the very best!

Moving on, in other final, but still great DH news...

According to Deadline, RATINGS RAT RACE: ‘Desperate Housewives’ Ends On A High
After eight seasons on ABC, Desperate Housewives ended last night on a ratings swell. The soap series’ two-hour finale (3.2/8) was up 19% from last week, making it the show’s best rating in over a year and the most watched-show overall among viewers on TV last night. The ladies of Wisteria Lane weren’t the only finales on the block: Once Upon A Time (3.2/10), the 8 PM lead-in to Housewives, ended its maiden season up 7% from last week. The two ABC shows were tied as Sunday’s top show in adults 18-49. ABC won the night in adults 18-49 and was the most-watched network.
The series finale of Desperate Housewives brought ABC a Sunday night ratings victory.

The two-hour episode drew 11.1 million viewers and a 3.2 rating in the adults-18-to-49 demographic — rising 19 percent from last week and a tying a season high. It was also up a tad from last year's season finale....read full article here!
Speaking of TV Guide, here's a DH finale TV Guide magazine cover below...

Plus an Entertainment Weekly magazine cover too...

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