Saturday, July 25, 2009

Smallville's Clois together for the first time at SD Comic-Con 2009!

Great news for all Smallville Clois Fans especially to those of you who are attending this year's Sand Diego Comic-Con International (lucky SV/Clois fans...I wish I could go too. I would, if I could. Are you kidding me? TomErica as in Tom & Erica is actually going to be there! Unfortunately, I don't live in San Diego, CA or even near there. Sigh! It's times like this I wish I live in SD or Cali...I would've been there for this year as Smallville panel with the cast that include 2 of my favorite Clois actors TW & ED, not too mention other Clois actors in other Superman media such as SR's BR and Superman's MK...or even to see some cast of Heroes and Twilight/New Moon movies...I'd be, not only in Clois heaven, but also my other favorite TV shows and movies would be super cool to see...but of course not. Fortunately for me, I've already met 2 Lois Lane actresses in last year's MegaCon 2008, which include Erica Durance)...

For the first time ever (in Smallville history...that is), our favorite Smallville stars Tom Welling & Erica Durance (aka Clark & Lois or Clois for short) will be attending this Sunday's Smallville panel at Comic-Con '09 with fellow Smallville cast & crew (see Tom Welling Confirmed to attend on SD Comic-Con Smallville Panel to read who else will be attending besides TW & ED). Can't wait to see new pics of both Tom & Erica! Stay tune for more Smallville/Tom Welling/Erica Durance Comic-Con panel news coverage and perhaps even pictures to post here!

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Also, in other Clois actors Comic-Con related news...

Superman Returns
' Brandon Routh (who already attended Thursday's Dead of Night Comic-Con Panel with SR/Dead of Night co-star Sam Huntington) and Margot Kidder (first Lois Lane in Superman films) were in attendance (separately) as well at this year's Comic-Con.

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