Friday, May 22, 2009

Executive Producer Talks "Superman Returns"'s Splashpage blog spoke with Scott Mednick, who was an executive producer on "Superman Returns", and gets his thoughts on the movie and who he thinks should move forward with the franchise.

    "In retrospect, hearing from audiences, watching reactions, and having the film get out there, the core fans wanted Superman to kick some serious butt. And we lost several of the villains when the island started to crumble and the large slab fell on them," Mednick said of the one aspect of the film he would reconsider. "A lot of the fans wanted to have Superman just beat the crap out of them. So that's an interesting, fan-based point of view, and you have to listen to those fans and try to weigh their wants, needs, and wishes are along with the storytelling."

    Still, Mednick says he looks forward to applying the lessons he learned working on Superman to his upcoming projects.

    "There's not a single movie I've been involved in that you don't look back and say, 'Boy, I wish I'd done this,' or 'maybe I could have tweaked that' or something, so with Superman, it's no different," said Mednick. "Again, it's a great honor to be part of that franchise ... and I wish them nothing but great luck if they move on with a second ['Superman'] feature."

Mednick also says he thinks Bryan Singer should be given another chance at the character. You can read the complete article at MTV's Splashpage blog.

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