Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Smallville Tonight: Lois & Clark are 'Committed' in finding their friends

New Smallville Episode! It's Thursday and yet another new episode with Clark & Lois! Be sure to catch tonight's new Episode 8.05 - Committed, which airs @ 8 PM ET/7 PM PT on the CW Network.

Here's the CW's Official Description
for "Committed."

After they leave their engagement party, Chloe (Allison Mack) and Jimmy (Aaron Ashmore) are abducted by a psychotic jeweler (guest star David Lewis) who was emotionally scarred by his wife's infidelity and is now kidnapping couples and subjecting them to a kryptonite-enhanced lie detector that shocks them if they lie. The abductor asks Chloe if she is in love with anyone else- Meanwhile, in an effort to find Chloe and Jimmy, Clark (Tom Welling) and Lois (Erica Durance) pose as a couple and are kidnapped themselves then, asked how they feel about each other.

TV Guide also has the following description for this same episode...

A psychotic jeweler (David Lewis) kidnaps Jimmy and Chloe after their engagement party and subjects them to a shocking lie-detector test. Posing as a couple while trying to find their friends, Lois and Clark are also forced to answer questions about their feelings for each other.

Episode 8.05 - Committed Stills

[click images to enlarge!]

[source: Andreas at LJ ]

3 more Stills featuring Lois Lane (Erica Durance)

[source: Devoted to Smallville]

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View 4 more "Committed" Episode Stills @ DTS S8 Episode Gallery

Watch the trailer for Committed below:

Watch the Director's Cut for Committed below:

You can also watch a Sneak Peek clip and an introduction to "Committed" by Todd Slavkin (also on YouTube).


Ausiello Chats with Erica Durance

EW's "Ausiello Files" latest video has a tidbit of information on "Smallville" from the red carpet interview with Erica Durance.

    An interview with Smallville heroine Erica Durance about this week's watershed Lois and Clark moment.
You can watch the video at

More about this episode here (registration required. you must be an fd2c forum
member to view and post at the following ...) » Spoilers , and S8 Discussion Forum » (viewable), Episode 8.05 - Committed » (viewable) for our usual LIVE episode discussions.

L&K News Note: If you missed this episode and the previous 4 episodes, you can now watch full episodes in our Season 8 Episodes Forum. My friend Carrie (aka ScoopGirl), one of the admins @ fd2c forum uploads the Smallville S8 episodes and have them up on their episode sub-forums on Fridays. You can also view SV's full episodes @ The CW network.

Update 10/19/08:

In case you missed the last 5 Smallville Season 8 episodes...

Watch all 5 full episodes (commercial-free) in the following links:

(credit and thanks to my friend Carrie for all the episode uploads...)

- Episode 8.01 - Odyssey
- Episode 8.02 - Plastique
- Episode 8.03 - Toxic
- Episode 8.04 - Instinct
- Episode 8.05 - Committed

Source: Andreas at LJ and Devoted to Smallville (Committed Stills) | supermanchannel1 (Committed Trailer via YouTube) | smallvilletalk (Committed director's cut via YouTube)

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