Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Teri Hatcher sets the record straight about her recent advice column for Glamour Mag

As previously posted here, Teri Hatcher was reportedly said to have motherly advice for her daughter in her October column for Britain's Glamour magazine. Today, ETOnline.com reports that Teri sets the record straight to an ET exclusive interview.

ET breaks news: Teri Hatcher and British Glamour magazine are speaking out about the way the media handled a recent column she wrote for the mag.

Teri sat down Tuesday with ET's Mark Steines to explain how an advice column got taken out of context. According to several reports, Teri was telling her young daughter to have sex and eat chocolate in the column, but Teri explains, "[The editor] asked me to write an article about what you would want to leave your child with ... And so immediately, with my dark sense of humor, I imagined my high heel being stuck in a train track and a train coming -- and they say your life flashes before your eyes -- what would I think? And I would yell out all of these things ... and I would yell out whatever, and then the second I was dead I would go, 'Wait a second, what did I say? That wasn't what I wanted to say at all!' So I introduced the article with that sense of humor."

"In the intro to the article, I say in the sort of, you know, screaming way, 'Eat chocolate, have sex, don't stress out, life's too short, don't worry about the little things.' I even added, 'Don't sit on public toilet seats and don't forget to floss.' Clearly, that's supposed to be a funny riff. And right after that, literally the next sentence says, 'That's not what I would say to my daughter at all! Oh my God, what did I just say?' Meaning that, it was [written] in a sense of humor."

Jo Elvin, Editor of British Glamour, told ET Tuesday: "Quotes taken from Teri Hatcher's October [2008] British Glamour article have been grossly misreported and taken out of context by the worldwide media.

"We are disappointed that the true meaning of the column written by Teri, which is always heartfelt and thought-provoking, has been twisted in this way in order to manufacture a headline. In fact Teri's article suggests quite the opposite. False media claims report Teri telling her daughter to 'have great sex [and] eat the chocolate', but the truth is that this misstates Teri's words and in fact in her column she said that this is 'not what I wanted my daughter to know at all.' Read the rest here @ ETOnline.com.

Here's an excerpt of Teri's actual article taken from UK's Glamour Magazine:

Teri's Advice For Life

“The most important lessons I’ve learnt in life” The secret to happiness and success? Live the life you want to live, says GLAMOUR columnist Teri Hatcher

Ask me the most important information I’d pass on to my daughter, and I immediately imagine myself about to be run over by an oncoming train. I’m frantically struggling to release the heel of my black Louboutin, which is stuck between the wood and metal grate, and I shout, Life’s too short to stress; have great sex; eat the chocolate; you’ll be able to get past anything difficult that comes your way; the sun will rise tomorrow; you are beautiful; you are lovable; don’t sit on public toilet seats; make sure to floss... and then SQUISH! That’d be it. I’d be floating around in my afterlife energy form, thinking, ‘Shit, I could have been more direct, more precise. That’s not what I wanted my daughter to know, at all. What did I just say?!’

It’s a giant responsibility and our most vital job is to share with future generations the bits of skill and knowledge we’ve spent our precious lives learning, in a way that only age and possibly therapy provides. What I know as a 43-year-old somewhat successful but still flawed and fragile woman is that life is totally unpredictable. It just doesn’t matter how hard you work, how good you are, how well you follow rules, or how much you do the right thing, those things don’t necessarily lead to happiness or success. What they do lead to is your ability to look in the mirror, into the oncoming headlights of that train, so to speak, and know that you lived the life you wanted to live. Whether your life lived you fairly in return, well, that you cannot always control. But you must have strength and believe in the person you want to be during your time on earth.

Read more of Teri's Glamour's article in it's entirety and true context @ www.glamourmagazine.co.uk.

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