Friday, September 5, 2008

Teri Hatcher's Key to Happiness: Sex & Chocolate

Teri Hatcher, according to, has motherly advice for her daughter – and the Desperate Housewives star is only too eager to share it.

"Have great sex [and] eat the chocolate," the single mom advises 10-year-old Emerson – and the general reading public – in Hatcher's October column for Britain's Glamour magazine.

Other pointers: "Don’t sit on public toilet seats and make sure to floss. … Life's too short to stress; you'll be able to get past anything difficult; the sun will rise tomorrow; you are beautiful; you are lovable."

Describing herself as "43-year-old somewhat successful but still flawed and fragile woman," Hatcher also confesses to a little self-help handiwork – she's made herself a "goal board" to which she adds every night.

"It's basically a collage of images of things you want to achieve in your life – all written, glued or drawn onto a big piece of paper," she says.

Among the sample entries are "Don't eat after 7 p.m." and 'Dance like a teenager."

Says a newly goal-oriented Hatcher: "Against all my well-honed cynical beliefs, it's actually working!"

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