Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Final Verdict: Durance lands another movie!

According to an article from the Montreal Gazette, Erica Durance will play an Assistant District Attorney in the upcoming 2008 telefilm, "Final Verdict". Filming concluded this past Thursday, June 19th, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Details are few and far between at the moment, but it appears that Erica will be helming the lead role, her 4th such time as a lead actress in a motion picture (The Butterfly Effect 2, Stranded, I Me Wed). Described as a legal thriller, the company's (Incendo) films are made for pay-TV and cable. This
could be Erica's 3rd telefilm to air on the Lifetime network if you're looking to keep an eye out for it, and also if past history is a guide it could be aired a few months from now, but nothing is confirmed at this time regarding a network or a premiere date.

Congratulations to Erica on her new film!

Source: Montreal Gazette (Special Thanks to Jen @ DI for finding the story!)

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Jeane said...

This is great. Glad Erica is doing another TV movie. Looking forward to seeing Erica in this one.

Thanks Luke for posting the news here. *hugs* :)

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