Monday, June 24, 2013

Watch: more Amy Adams & Henry Cavill 'Man of Steel' interviews!

Just when I thought now that the movie's out in theaters for two weeks, that there are no more new cast interviews from Man of Steel starring  (Clark Kent/Kal-El) &  (Lois Lane) that I haven't already seen, but looks like there are more new ones as I find even more (like everyday there's a new MOS related interview in youtube from one of the MOS cast, lol) especially from Amy & Henry (love watching their interviews be it together or individually). They sure did a lot of press interviews/junkets just before they headed to various MOS premieres as well as during and after.

Here are a few of Henry & Amy new MOS interviews (or rather interviews I've never seen before nor have I posted here previously) below.

(source: primissimavideo)
LOL, love Amy's response to more Clois kissing in the MOS sequel...

Q: There’ll be more kissing, I’m sure, in the hopeful sequel… I’m guessing you want to do it, if they make a sequel.
Amy Adams: Oh, yeah! I wanna do it. They'd have to like get a restraining order to get me away from the set.
Q: Do you think it's gonna happen?
AA: We'll see. I mean we're all just waiting to see how this film does and how people respond. I'm sure we'll go from there.

(source: Joe Michalczuk: Hollywood Interviews)

Also, very funny (esp. the second longer video, lol) and entertaining MOS cast (with director Zack Snyder) interviews via MTV Taiwan...

shorter version...

(source: MTV ChartShow)
longer version...
(source: MTV ChartShow)

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