Wednesday, April 23, 2008

SR Sequel News: Legendary Pictures CEO And Brandon Routh Talks MOS

From Superman Homepage:

Thomas Tull, founder, chairman and CEO of Legendary Pictures (the company jointly responsible for producing the films Batman Begins, Superman Returns and 300), spoke to Hamilton College students on April 17 about his journey from Hamilton to film production.

Besides screening never-before-seen footage of "The Dark Knight" movie, Tull spoke about his career success, before discussing up-coming projects his company is involved in... including the sequel to "Superman Returns."

    Legendary's roster of upcoming films includes a wide variety of properties, including Watchmen (from the renowned graphic novel), Akira (a remake of the popular Japanese anime film), a Superman sequel (in which Tull hopes to invoke more of the image of "an angry god"), Clash of the Titans, Where the Wild Things Are and a film of Paradise Lost (Tull is particularly interested in the "[story] arc of Lucifer").
Read full article at the Hamilton College website.

Also, SR star Brandon Routh mentioned the SR sequel film's current status in Press Telegram, while promoting his new independent film, "Lie To Me," which he co-starred with his wife, Courtney Ford. It will world premiere at New Port Beach Film Festival on Saturday (April 26).

Here's the SR sequel mention part:

And what about the next movie in the "Superman" series? Brandon said director Bryan Singer is in the process of meeting with writers.

He's eager to return to the character and to work with the director again.

"Bryan was very open to communicating about the character and was very collaborative with me. We talked endlessly about the character and what he's going through. On set, we were on the same playing field. He's a genius and it's exciting to see him work. I think (`Superman Returns') is a beautiful film. I'm really, really proud of it and very excited to continue."

Read full article here.

Meanwhile in other Superman movie related news, here's the latest news from the JLA movie ...

It seems that The Justice League movie is now kaput ...

According to Superman Homepage,
reports were circulating late last week that producer Joel Silver told that the "Justice League of America" movie had been "tabled."

I briefly cornered producer Joel Silver to ask him how the Justice League movie would affect Wonder Woman. The answer: it won't. According to Silver, who would be in the know, Justice League has been 'tabled.'

Apparently much of the crew were given termination notice a fortnight ago, spending the past two weeks chaotically attempting to archive everything "just in case."

Update: just did a video interview with Brandon Routh to promote his new movie, "Lie To Me", co-starring his wife Courtney Ford (watch the trailer and 4 video clips here).

Also, watch the
2-part video interview with Brandon Routh at

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