Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring TV Preview: The Scoop on Desperate Housewives

From Entertainment Weekly's Spring TV Preview: The Scoop on 26 Returning Shows (with Desperate Housewives stars Marcia Cross and Dana Delany on the EW Magazine cover to your left. Issue March 28, 2008).

Read the excerpt taken from EW.com below...


WHERE WE LEFT OFF: Thanks to a neighbor, Lynette (Felicity Huffman) and her family emerged from the tornado unscathed. Gabrielle (Eva Longoria Parker) found out that her late politico husband left her nada in his will. Bree (Marcia Cross) and her frenemy Katherine (Dana Delaney) had finally bonded (after several testy run-ins, mostly pie-related) when Bree learned of Katherine's husband's former affair. And with Mike (James Denton) in rehab, mom-to-be Susan (Teri Hatcher ) welcomed Bree and Orson (Kyle McLachlan) into her home while their house underwent repairs.

UP NEXT: ''I didn't mind taking a little break,'' says creator and exec producer Marc Cherry about the writers' strike. ''I feel more recharged than ever. I think in a weird way the strike could be the best thing that ever happened to the show.'' Among his plans for the new episodes: Katherine and Bree have a fast falling-out over planning a Founders Day banquet, but they will reconcile once again and launch a catering business together. Gabrielle will learn that ex-hubby Carlos (Ricardo Chavira) was permanently blinded in the tornado — but not before Carlos tricks her into remarrying him. Bree and Orson will keep living with Susan until their home is repaired — and Orson eventually will reveal his part in the accident that put Mike in a coma back in season 2. The ladies will freeze out Edie (Nicollette Sheridan) when they think she's slept with one of the husbands, but ''she has not,'' Cherry says. ''Well, she's probably gone farther than she should.'' And The O.C.'s Chris Carmack will guest as Susan's cousin and a possible paramour for one of the ladies; Julianne Moore, however, will not appear, contrary to rampant Internet rumor. (''I love her,'' Cherry sighs. ''If I thought I could get her, I'd cast her.'') Meanwhile, over at the Scavo household, Lynette's crush Rick (Jason Gedrick) will return to wreak more havoc on her marriage. But don't worry, Cherry knows how nervous that makes you: ''Tom and Lynette's is the marriage that America has said to me, 'You have to protect them.' I have to be very careful.'' Instead of Rick and Lynette consummating their emotional dalliance, Rick will simply cause more conflict when ''something awful'' befalls him that Tom (Doug Savant) may — or may not — be responsible for. Finally, the two-hour finale will include the unveiling of Katherine's secrets and a huge twist ending. What could it be? ''How can I describe this without giving it away?'' Cherry teases. ''It's going to be shocking, and it's going to change the whole series.'' —Jennifer Armstrong

Desperate Housewives preview is an excerpt from Entertainment Weekly's March 28, 2008, cover story. Read the full article in EW's Spring TV Preview, on newsstands now.

Also, watch a DH related video from Extra featuring Teri Hatcher and Dana Delaney with the rest of DH cast behind the scenes and on the set as the 'Housewives' Spill Show Secrets here.

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