Friday, March 28, 2008

Smallville: Upcoming New S7 Episode Schedule For April/May

The CW has released the last 2 episode titles of Season 7. Here are the last 5 episode schedule for the rest of this season for Smallville. The last 5 episodes will air on April/May:

April 17 - Episode #7.16 -"Descent" - NEW!
April 24 - Episode #7.17 - "Sleeper" - NEW!
May 1 - Episode #7.18 - Apocalypse - NEW! (150th episode directed by Tom Welling)
May 8 - Episode #7.19 - Quest - NEW!
May 15 - Episode #7.20 - Arctic -NEW! (Season Finale)

Note to Erica Durance/Lois Lane fans: According to Erica herself (from MegaCon), she's still contracted for 13 episodes this season, which she already appeared in 9 of them thus far. Though this season was reduced to 20 (instead of the usual 22 episodes, per season), Erica/Lois may still have 4 more episodes remaining (out of the last 5 coming up episodes) to complete her 13 contractual episodes. She'll appear next in the 16th episode, "Descent" on April 17th. She probably won't be on episode #17, but might be on the last 3 episodes.

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