Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Smallville Tonight! Traveler!

It's Thursday and a New Smallville Episode! Be sure to catch tonight's new Episode 7.14 - Traveler, which airs @ 8 PM ET/7 PM PT on the CW Network.

In tonight's
new episode, Lionel returns!

Still no Lois Lane in this episode, but she'll be back in next week's Veritas episode!

Here's the CW's official description for Traveler:
LIONEL KIDNAPS CLARK — Lionel (John Glover) arranges to have Clark (Tom Welling) kidnapped and held in a kryptonite-lined cell at a Luthorcorp facility. After Chloe (Allison Mack) and Lana (Kristin Kreuk) find a military electric probe at the farm, they confront Lionel, who throws suspicion onto Lex (Michael Rosenbaum). Chloe and Lana take Kara (Laura Vandervoort) to the Fortress and beg Jor-El to restore her memory as she is the only one who can save Clark.

Here are 15 official Traveler Promo Images:

Click images below to view bigger!

Watch the Traveler Trailer below:

And the Traveler Director's Cut:

More about this episode here (registration required. you must be fd2c forum member to view and post at the following ...) » Spoilers , » Trailer & Director's Cut (viewable), and » Episode 7.14 - Traveler (Discussion thread) (viewable) in the S7 Episodes forum for our usual LIVE episode discussions.

Source: Superman Homepage (Traveler Episode Stills) | smallvilletalk (Traveler Trailer via YouTube) | KryptonSmallville (Traveler Director's Cut via YouTube)

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