Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Movies This Week: Kate Bosworth Does Vegas In '21'

More Kate Bosworth news articles to be posted here as her new film 21 is going to be released this week (March 28th)...

Read some KB/21 related articles here. Follow the links below:

-Kate Bosworth Hits Vegas In '21'

-Holding The Hot Hand In Hollywood

-'Legally,' '21'? He's Got A Pair

-You Bettor? You Bet

-21's Real-life Geek

-21 Stars Hedge Their Best

Also, in Kate Bosworth related news...

Kate's TV Talk Show appearances this week include:

- The Late Show With David Letterman: Kate Bosworth (Tuesday 3/25).

- Jimmy Kimmel Live - Kate Bosworth (Friday 3/28).

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