Saturday, March 15, 2008

MegaCon 2008: Superman Extras

MegaCon Extras!

The other extra or rather in-between things I did @ MegaCon that I didn't mention on my M&G with ED and NN reports. I thought I'd post this one here to share with you all. While I was waiting to meet Erica and Noel, I had so much fun taking pics of the people wearing superhero costumes. I got excited when I saw a few guys with a Superman costume, but the first one I saw was this guy who's very cute and tall. How ironic that he was the one I was able to pose in a picture with, lol (see my pic with him above to your left. Click it to enlarge! It's Superman & Lois!... I mean, Superman & ME! haha!!!). So, of course, my first time at MegaCon Convention won't be complete without meeting (and taking a pic with) Superman, lol. Not only that I got to met two super awesome Lois Lanes...I also got to met Superman too (sort of, hehe). Interesting eh? Plus I saw a signed Margot Kidder picture frame on display in a Superman comic book. Got a few pics of people wearing superheroes custumes, SR photo of Brandon Routh & Kate Bosworth (as Superman & Lois) with their signed autographs in a photo frame display, plus a candid pic of Kristy Swanson (Buffy), and more!

Check them out below! Sorry, they're not in HQ, but I sucked at taking there, lol! Take a look and Enjoy!

[click images below to enlarge!]

Me & my friend, Sarah @MegaCon

My Friends Sarah & Ken

Superman & Lois

(SR signed Photo in a frame on display)

Superman & Lois
(well...not really, but let's just pretend I was Lois there with my Superman, lol)

Superheroes strike a pose!

My friend Sarah poses with the superheroes

Actress Kristy Swanson signing her autographs

Plus Buffy The Vampire Slayer
(the original Movie) Promo Pictures

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