Saturday, February 16, 2008

Return dates for Smallville Post-WGA Strike

Sun-Sentinel reports that The CW is the latest network to unveil its post-strike prime-time plans. One of the CW's strike-impacted series to return includes Smallville.

Young Superman takes off anew on Smallville April 17, one of five episodes.

As previously posted here, Smallville will have 5 more episodes added for season 7 (with only 2 short of the usual 22 regular episodes per season).

Pre-Strike Smallville produced 15 episodes with 12 already aired episodes. There are 3 More pre-strike episodes to air starting March 13 [Episode 7.13 - Hero with a return of special guest star Sam Jones III (Pete Ross), a former regular SV cast member from seasons 1-3].

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