Monday, February 11, 2008

Post WGA Strike: A Possible 20 Episodes for “Smallville” Season 7?

According to Superman Homepage:

Al Gough, executive producer of "Smallville", told the Superman Homepage site that the WGA members will vote to lift the strike on Tuesday, and that he suspects the team of "Smallville" writers will return to work on Wednesday.

What does this mean for "Smallville" Season 7?

"The network has asked for 5 more episodes this season which would bring our order to 20... 2 short of a regular season", says Al Gough.

TV Guide speculates these extra episode will probably air in April/May in the U.S.

Speaking of the strike being almost over...

Here's a Strike Update:

WGA Boards Meet and Approve Deal: Showrunners Can Return to Work Monday

TV Guide reports that the boards for both branches of the Writers Guild of America on Sunday unanimously approved the tentative deal reached on a new contract. The boards are also taking the final decision on lifting the strike to membership in a vote on Tuesday.

In the meantime, showrunners will get going even sooner, heading back to work Monday to get crews set up and production facilities going again, as will writers who have producing duties on their shows. Ballots to ratify the three-year deal are also going out to members, and will be returned within a 10-12 day period.

Patric Verrone commented on the deal agreement, saying, "This is the best deal this guild has bargained for in 30 years."

Read more here.

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