Saturday, February 23, 2008

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  • Coraline Teaser

    According to,
    the first teaser for the big-screen version of Gaiman's fantasy is now over at MovieWeb. Granted, it would probably be a lot more exciting if it was actually in 3-D (the trailer tells you to put on your glasses, so this must be the one that will screen in theaters), but for anyone who is a fan of Gaiman's dark fairy tales, you'll be glad to know that the film seems to have gotten the tone of Gaiman's work pitch perfect.
Coraline is the story of a small girl who travels into a fantasy world where everything is familiar but nothing is quite right. There is an 'Other Mother' who is the spitting image of her own, but with the frightening distinction of having buttons for eyes. Coraline's adventure leads her to become the savior of her family and the other children trapped in this world, while hopefully getting them all back to the real world.

Teri Hatcher voices the 'Mothers', Dakota Fanning is Coraline. The cast also includes Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French, and John Hodgeman (also knows as 'The PC'). Stop motion master Henry Selick directed the flick based on Gaiman's novella.

Watch the teaser for Coraline below:

  • Teri and Margot For Obama?

    A NY Daily News Blog reports that 2 of our former Lois Lane actresses Teri Hatcher (Lois & Clark) and Margot Kidder (Superman Movies) donated money to Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama.

Read the article below:

Hollywood Is
Still Giving

Hollywood is still pretty psyched about the Democratic White House race, judging from the latest reports from the Federal Election Commission.

And it looks like it’s basically a toss-up for the month of January between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, although we give Obama a slight edge in star power.

Ponying up for Hillary were George Takei ($1,300), Debra Messing ($4,600), James Naughton ($1,000), Susan Saint James ($4,600), Ron Howard ($4,600) and his daughter, Paige ($4,000), Sally Field, ($4,600) Sharon Gless ($2,300) and Tony Bennett ($4,600)

She also grabbed musician Joan Jett to the tune of $250, and got the Bad Religion vote, with guitarist Brian Baker, who gave $1,000.

Obama scored with Danny Devito ($2,000), Desperate Housewife Teri Hatcher ($2,300), Lou Gossett Jr. ($4,600), John Larroquette ($500), Bonnie Franklin ($2,300), Margot Kidder ($250), and Spike Lee ($2,300).

Lane & Kent/Superman actors for Obama for President?
How interesting that 2 former Lois Lanes actresses Teri Hatcher and Margot Kidder support Obama along with Superman Returns stars Brandon Routh and Kal Penn.

  • JLA and Superman Movie Rumors

Superman/JLA News from Superman Homepage:

JFX Online spoke with Common about his role as Green Lantern in the up-coming JLA movie...

    Common responded, "Now that the writers strike is over, [the script is] going to head back to the writers for a cleanup. God willing, it'll get done. This would be a big role for me."
While's sources in Australia indicated that the movie could be back in production by the middle of this year, while also stating that there's movement on the next Superman movie...

At the same time, we also been hearing sources at WB Burbank who believe that The Man of Steel is picking up speed and since the strike ended various "A" list writers have gone in with promising pitches. Bryan Singer is still attached and the studio big wigs are still counting on him directing the sequel.

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