Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hatcher wins cosmetics lawsuit ruling

A lawsuit launched against actress Teri Hatcher by a cosmetics firm will be sent to arbitration after a Los Angeles judge ruled in her favor.

Beauty manufacturers Hydroderm lodged a $2 million suit against the Desperate Housewives star, suing her for breach of contract after they claimed she had promoted other beauty products while she was signed to them.

And now Hatcher's lawyers have successfully persuaded a judge in L.A. to move the case to arbitration.

The star, who was paid $2.4 million to advertise Hydroderm products, insists her promotion of CityLips' lip plumper did not affect the deal and that management changes at the company constantly left her unsure of the terms of her contract.

The matter will now be settled out of court.

Source: ABC Action News

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