Saturday, February 2, 2008

Smallville: Siren Episode Trailer, Director's Cut, and Promo Poster Art

The CW has released a promotional poster art for the next new episode of Smallville titled "Siren" (airing Thursday, February 7th) featuring Black Canary. Smallville is introducing another DC Comics Superhero to the show's mythology. See the Siren poster art image to your left (taken from Kryptonsite) or view the larger version of it here.

Also, the CW has released the trailer and director's cut for Siren. You can view them via YouTube below.

Watch the Siren Trailer below:

and the director's cut:

Watch it here.

Source: Kryptonsite (Siren Promo Poster art) | Smallville7thSeason (Siren Trailer via YouTube) | TVCharmed (Siren Director's Cut link via YouTube)

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