Tuesday, January 8, 2008

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  • TV Guide.com Readers' Top 10 Best Couples
Smallville's Clois (Clark & Lois) made TV Guide.com Readers' Top 10 Best Couples.

Last month TV Guide.com asked the readers Who Are TV's Hottest Couples? The final results are in and Smallville was represented with two of thier "Ships". Clark and Lois (Clois) and Clark & Lana (Clana) both have a place on the Top 10, in 6th and 9th place respectively. Take a look in what TV Guide has to say to our favorite couple from Smallville:

6. The romantic tension between Smallville's
Lois and Clark
is the stuff legends are made of.

Go to TV Guide.com and see who else made the cut The top 10 pairs that most make your heart pitter-patter!

  • Smallville Gets Nominations from VES Awards!
The Visual Effects Society (VES) annouced the nominations for ts 6th Annual VES Awards, and Smallville was recognizing for its outstanding visual effects being nominated in 2 categories.

Outstanding Created Environment in a Live Action Broadcast Program or Commercial for the the visualization of The Metropolis City.

And gets double recognition in the category of Outstanding Compositing in a Broadcast Program or Commercial for the episodes Justice and Bizarro.

The 6th Annual VES Awards will take place on February 10th.

Congratulations to Smallville's VFX Team!!!

  • Smallville Returns on January 31st!
An all new Smallville episode begins on January 31, 2008.

Upcoming Episode Schedule:

According to Kryptonsite, here are the current schedule for Smallville's remaining Season 7 episodes through the end of March.

Keep in mind that schedules are subject to change, as plans have already been alterend in the past.

Here's the schedule:

1/31 - Episode 7.10 - "Persona"
2/7 - Episode 7.11 - "Siren"
2/14 - Episode 7.12 - "Fracture"
2/21 through 3/13 Repeats
3/20 Episode 7.13 - "Hero"
3/27 - Episode 7.14 - "Traveler"
Unscheduled Episode 7.15 - "Veritas" (Possible Season Finale)

  • Repli-Kates
Kate is a popular name right now in the celebrity world — besides Winslet, Bosworth, Hudson, Beckinsale and Holmes, there are a host of others. Two of them have recently arrived Stateside from across the pond: Kate Nash and Kate Walsh, both English singer-songwriters who will be performing in New York this month. To make things more confusing, one of Walsh's songs was featured on the "Grey's Anatomy" episode that led into the "Private Practice" spin-off—starring the other Kate Walsh. To keep things straight, go to WWD.com (and if you're interested, subscribe there to read the rest of this article) for a guide to everything Kate.


Hollywood Blackjack!

Late March 2008 will see the premiere of a new Hollywood movie which dramatises the exploits of the famous MIT Blackjack Team and stars leading actors like Kate Bosworth, Kevin Spacey and Laurence Fishburne. The movie, titled "21" and released by Columbia Pictures is based on the best selling book "Bringing Down the House" by Ben Mezrich.

"21's" plot revolves around a group of MIT students who learned how to use math-based tactics to beat the casinos in selected blackjack games starting in 1979.

Read the rest of the article here.

  • 2007's Digitally Acquired Productions

The Digital Cinema Society (DCS), an international educational co-operative dedicated to informing the entertainment industry about the integration of digital technology, has released a list of the digitally acquired theatrical releases and major TV productions of 2007. One of them is Dean Cain's upcoming movie, Aussie & Ted, as as previously posted here.


Aussie & Ted (Primarily XL H1 to HDV/Varicam for Green Screen/RED One for Background Plates), Director Shuki Levy, DP: James Mathers, Starring Beverly DiAngelo and Dean Cain. Release: 2008.

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